IOT//EDI (IoT + Data Decentralisation)

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DLA Piper

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This event will be held at the offices of DLA Piper. Further details about the company and directions to the venue can be found on their website (

There are already far more machines than people connected to the Internet. Tomorrow the number of connected devices will grow exponentially, and a new kind of web will emerge dominated by data sent and received by machines instead of humans. Today's Internet of Things is made up of connected devices that are primarily controlled by humans via smartphone apps, however, "Web 3.0" aka the "Machine Web" will become dominated by machines that communicate autonomously with other machines. This network of intelligent devices will becoming increasingly decentralised and will follow a general trend where data is spread across many disparate nodes, instead of stored centrally on a single type of dedicated hardware.

An exemplar of a decentralisation autonomous network is BitCoin, which is a cryptocurrency, that uses a peer-to-peer system. Transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary, and each transaction is verified by a network of nodes that contain a public distributed ledger called the blockchain.

BitCoin is just the tip of a vast and highly disruptive ice berg. Many other decentralisation autonomous networks that use blockchain technology such as Ethereum as well as other distributed, decentralised technologies such as BitTorent, and MaidSafe are growing in popularity, but do they offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, privacy, and security over IoT hosting solutions such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Google Cloud?


18:15 - 18:20 WELCOME

18:20 - 18:30 Simon Montford ( (WEB3//IOT (

Open Forum; members are invited to make announcements, share news, seek project collaborators, promote their IoT events, and request topics for future Meetups.

18.30 - 18.50 Nick Lambert ( (MAIDSafe (

Over 3.6 billion records were stolen between 2014 and 2015, which clearly indicates that the way data is stored today requires a new approach. Not only is data that is centrally stored vulnerable to attack, but storing data in this way is expensive, because the greater the protection, the higher the operating cost. This is why companies and individuals end up spending billions every year on the infrastructure that serves our applications and that processes our data. A new breed of startups are using a different approach to the way data is stored. By tapping the unused potential of billions of connected devices it is now possible to move our data management away from large companies and their data centres. This talk will discuss how harnessing the power of the crowd will impact almost every aspect of our future daily lives including the IoT, and our relationship with the Internet in general.

18:50 - 19:10 John McGonagle ( (DLA Piper (

The rapidly expanding capabilities of the IoT are heightening the tension between what customers want from their smart devices, and their "data sovereignty" - their control over the use and sharing of their data. For the IoT to fulfil its potential, it requires the collection and sharing of vast amounts of data - but how can providers secure and retain public trust? The "decentralisation of data" has tremendous potential, but it also brings into play a greater number of data privacy regimes, many of which are extending their reach. This talk will discuss data sovereignty in the IoT, and the questions it raises from a legal perspective.

19:10 - 19:30 Paul Brody ( (Ernst & Young (

The traditional approach to IOT and data is to centralise and collect everything at all possible. The idea is that, somehow, somewhere, gems of data are hiding waiting to be discovered. Increasingly what we're learning is that centralised data is as much a liability as an asset and that analytics that aren't hypothesis-driven are not high value. It's time to get back to a more purposeful approach to IOT and analytics that makes sense both from a technology stand-point as well as a business and security one.

19:30 -19:50 DISCUSSION & PANEL Q&A

19:50 - 21:00 NETWORKING & DRINKS

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