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Barcelona IoT Day

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The 9th of April at 18.00 is the global Internet of Things Day. The time is now to start having the important conversations on the new technologies and the enormous potential that an "Internet of Things" is capable of.

At Barcelona we want to celebrate the IoT Day meeting up the community to share new projects, workshops, ideas and surprises. And we want to celebrate it with more IoT communities around the world.

The speakers and activities confirmed are:

• Social 3D printing Workshop with Anastasia Pistofidou and Tomas Diez from FabLab Barcelona (

3D printing it's not only one person job, it's an open and community activity. Download and print, design and share. Learn where you can print in Barcelona and how 3D printers works.

• How to connect anything to the Internet with Marc Pous from theThings.IO (

This technical session for non-technical people will show you how to connect anything to the Internet with few lines of code. Marc will prototype a live demo with Electric Imp and will talk about his experiences hacking hardware.

• Lessons learnt from Internet of Things startups in Barcelona with Jordi Llosa from WorldSensing (

See you the 9th of April at 18.00 @ Sala 39 of our new venue la Fàbrica Moritz :)

Interested in speaking? Contact us via @iotbcn ( on Twitter.

Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41 · Barcelona