IoT BCN - Soracom and AllWize for October


We are glad to have a new IoT Barcelona meetup on Autumn with 2 great projects to present. It will be all about connectivity!

I'm very excited to present Soracom and Allwize! They represent 2 of the most innovative companies in the Internet of Things scenario today. With the connectivity as their main backbone, expect to learn about LPWAN, antenas, security, hardware and more.

Speakers will be:

* Alexis Souset from Soracom [], one of the most innovative IoT firms, acquired by the Japanese telco KDDI. From Alexis you will learn how to connect securely devices with 2G, 3G, Sigfox and more.

* Marc Fábregas from AllWize [], will show you his newest startup and the infinite possibilities that it brings into the IoT scenario. And you also will know about the newest Kickstarter Campaign they are going to launch ASAP.

Thank you to our kind sponsors thethings.iO []

BTW if you want to speak... Contact us via @iotbcn [] on Twitter or via meetup.