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Virtual IoT Barcelona - Edge AI Vision

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Virtual IoT Barcelona - Edge AI Vision


Welcome to the 5th virtual IoT Barcelona meetup.

Taking advantage of the virtual meetup again, we will talk about Edge AI focused on computer vision. How you can bring AI to the edge to detect objects, people and more? To solve this, we will have Paul Wealls from Adlink and David Tischler from balena.

Paul Wealls currently works at ADLINK with the Vizi AI platform and leads the IoT North meetup []. Paul will explain how to go from experiment to solution with Edge AI Vision.

David Tischler from balena will talk about the IoT Edge AI projects are becoming more and more popular. However what happens when you go to production and need to deploy these devices out into the field? How do you manage and maintain the devices, update your models to your applications once the hardware is no longer on your desk?

BTW if you would like to speak... Contact us @iotbcn on Twitter or via meetup.
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