• Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

    McNeely Hall

    NOTE: This is being held in McNeely Hall, Room 100 (Great Room) on the SAINT PAUL campus of University of Saint Thomas. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy are hot topics these days. When implementing IoT solutions, we as professionals need to be on top of what are the best practices, what platforms like Exosite are doing these days and equally as important are the laws that govern the data privacy aspects as these smart, connected products are brought to market. Join us as we speak with 2 experts in the field. Speaker: Nadeem Schwen Title: Privacy, Cybersecurity, and IoT Data: Top Legal Challenges Affecting the IoT Community Description: The rapid growth of the Internet of Things brings with it a unique set of legal challenges for every IoT entrepreneur, no matter the industry or technology area. Businesses large and small must understand and plan for the many new laws and regulations affecting all members of the IoT community. This presentation focuses on educating IoT innovators on the key legal issues affecting IoT devices and infrastructure, particularly relating to data privacy and cybersecurity. Nadeem's Bio: Nadeem Schwen is an attorney and partner at Winthrop & Weinstine, and uses his technical background in computer engineering to focus his practice on data privacy, cybersecurity, and intellectual property. He serves as Data Protection Officer for a number of companies, and routinely advises boards of directors and C-suite executives on various technology related legal matters. He has managed dozens of data breach responses, large and small, and guides clients through the most current data privacy legislation and regulations, including both domestic and international privacy. Nadeem also serves as co-chair of the Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and is a regular speaker and author on data privacy and security topics. Speaker: Greg Belcher Title: Uberization of Infrastructure Greg's Bio: Greg is VP of Corporate Development at Exosite and co-founder of Diode, Exosite's blockchain initiative. Exosite is an industrial IoT software company headquartered in Minneapolis. Before joining Exosite, Greg consulted corporate and private equity clients on M&A transactions after holding various corporate finance positions at 3M. Greg earned his MBA specializing in Corporate Finance & Investment Banking from the University of Wisconsin.

  • IoT Fuse Conference 2019

    Minneapolis Convention Center

    The Annual IoT Fuse Conference. Register and more info at www.iotfuse.com

  • IoT Fuse Workshops 2019 - Day 2

    University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis Campus

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  • IoT Fuse Workshops 2019 - Day 1

    Minneapolis Convention Center

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  • Capturing Time Series Data at Scale with MQTT and OpenNMS + More!

    OpenNMS is a stable and powerful opensource tool for network monitoring. OpenNMS includes ElasticSearch forwarding, application monitoring, Grafana support, heatmaps, integrated graphing, as well as topology and geographic mapping. It also has a clustered time series database backend option (Cassandra-Newts). It includes a host of data collection options. This presentation will demonstrate two use cases OpenNMS for IoT data collection and display. Firstly, via scrapping data from a webpage and secondly via MQTT messages forwarded by a device connected to a MultiTech LoRaWAN gateway. The February IoTFuse MeetUp demonstrated MQTT data and LoRa radios. MQTT is a popular system for sending and receiving data and LoRa is a longrange radio technology. Further information on these technologies are available at www.opennms.org www.mqtt.org An crowdsourced implementation to monitor air quality in the Solent (Great Britain) is described here: http://opennms.co.uk/wordpress/2018/03/15/opennms-eclipse-iot-challenge-201718-final-report/

  • Stop Meshing With Me - IoT Demos and Mesh Networking How To

    You've heard about mesh networking for years, but have you ever actually seen anyone set up an actual mesh network? No! More information here: https://kconfs.zohobackstage.com/Mesh We're going to find someone, beg borrow or steal...whatever it takes, to show us a mesh network. We're skeptical...no tricks here. They have to show it to us. After that, we will have some other cool IoT hacking demos from the community. Please comment below on what you would like to share. This should be technical in nature, show code, show a tutorial of something you built in your garage or under your desk at work. Happy hacking.

  • Decentralized Wireless Networks, Building Communities, IoT Ownership

    More Info About Speakers and Venue Here: https://kconfs.zohobackstage.com/decentralized Our Blogpost on the Topic: https://iotfuse.com/2019/01/03/decentralization-of-the-internet-of-things-monthly-discussion/ Forget about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and all of the other terms that you have associated with much of the tech world over the past couple of years. How does one actually achieve a decentralized internet, particularly within the context of the Internet of Things? How do we bring things more, "down to earth?" We have an exciting group of speakers lined up which will be announced here touching on that concept with real world use cases and applications. Enjoyment, merriment and decentralization for all! See you there.

  • Data from the Real World.

    Real World One: Silicon Prairie "Offline"

    Data is huge in IoT. Where does it come from? How is it stored? and What do you do with it? IoT Devices collect massive amounts of data from the real world. How are companies collecting the data an why? How are they storing it, and how are they making sense of it all? Please join us to discuss this topic with our speakers, Robert Metcalf with IBM and Matt Koropchak with Flexential. Food, drink, networking and awesome discussions will be provided! Robert Metcalf (IBM) is a results-oriented architect and software engineer with a passion and purpose for systems and software. Robert is a resourceful, relentless, and customer-focused software engineer with a balanced blend of hands-on technical work, leadership skills, and a bias for action. Background includes enterprise architecture, cloud technologies, all aspects of web development, and bringing products to market that impact the bottom line. Matt Koropchak (Flexential) is a seasoned IT sales manager with over 20 years of high tech sales experience. Track record of business growth and meeting/exceeding sales goals. Deep expertise in selling complex hardware, software, and services solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

  • IoTHackDay

    Minnetronix, Inc.

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  • IoTHackDay Meet & Greet / Team Formation

    Vandalia Tower - 2nd Floor

    Need a reason to participate in IoTHackDay ( http://iothackday.mn) on Oct 27th? How about 5000 of them! Read on... Are you interested being on a team for IoTHackDay ( http://iothackday.mn ) but don't know where to begin? Are your a team captain and submitted an idea and are looking for team members to help? This meet & greet / team formation event is for you! Come to this meetup on Oct 18th and learn all about the IoTHackDay competition and use this time to join and form teams! We will have free food, drinks and presentations from all of the team captains on the projects that they will be building. NOTE: We have $5000 in prizes covering a variety of categories this year, so register your project and start forming your team today at http://iothackday.mn