Kraków Internet of Things Meetup 03

IoT - Internet of Things Kraków
IoT - Internet of Things Kraków
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Na najbliższym spotkaniu skupimy się na na dwóch zagadnieniach technicznych związanych z przesyłem danych:

1. MQTT for IoT, Cell Phones, Web and Chat(EN) - Christopher Lozinski

MQTT is an industry-standard pub/sub protocol for interprocess communication.

One process publishes information to a topic, other processes can subscribe to that topic. MQTT supports multiple Quality Of Service Levels: bes t effort, at least once, and exactly once. There is a tree of topics, so it is ideal for managing complexity. MQTT is an industry standard, so it runs on every platform imaginable.

By the end of the lecture you should know enough to decide if MQTT is right for your projects, and which tools to use.

Christopher Lozinski - MIT graduate, serial entrepreneur, dual US-EU citizen, and polyglot. Instead of seeking Venture Capital, he moved from Silicon Valley to Poland. He runs a number of interesting websites, which all use MQTT for chat. is a map of Polish organizations fighting smog and climate change. is a catalogue of the best Python lightning talks. is a distributed chat wiki.


Meetup niestety nie wyświetla pełnego adresu więc spotkanie odbędzie się:

Community Hub - Podwale 3/7. Trzecie piętro, bez windy, na domofonie najlepiej zadzwonić pod 6.

2. "Concise" IoT with Protocol Buffers (PL) - Andrzej Wyżliński

Protocol buffers (protobuf) is an efficient language and platform-neutral mechanism for serializing structured data into a binary format.
You can learn from this presentation why you can use protobuf in IoT projects and how to start to play with it.

Andrzej Wyżliński Director R&D / IoT Program at Fideltronik Poland - Manager with great experience in Information Technology, performance-oriented leader, focused on developing new software and hardware solutions based on IoT & AI innovation. Enthusiast of Lean and Agile project methodology as well as Design Thinking product design framework.