Clothing and Technology: A Wearables Hackday

This is a past event

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In a break from the usual #IoTLiverpool meetups (and building on the interest at our 7th meetup ( we're having a day of hands-on making and doing.

Join us for a day of exploring how combining fabric and computers can make for interesting projects. Want a belt that vibrates to lead you to free food? Or a suit which glows different colours based on your heart rate? How about a jacket sleeve that lights up when you're pointing North?

Come along for the day and you can learn how to do just that (or at least make a start on it...).

And if you're an experienced soft-circuits maker, bring a project to work on and come hang out with like-minded souls.

Don't know about electronics or computers? Don't worry, there'll be some Arduino ( physical computing kits to play around with, and people to help show you how.

Not sewn as much as a button? Fret not, there'll be sewing machines, needles and thread and someone to provide pointers to get you going.

Bring a laptop, bring your needlework kit, bring a project, bring yourself... (of those, only yourself is a requirement for entry :-)

It's an informal day of learning and making - some of the things we expect include...

• people working on projects of their own, looking for help from fellow attendees

• people joining up with someone else on the day to share skills and make something

• a beginners physical computing session, so you can learn some coding and electronics

• trying out making some soft-sensors from or

• ...something you'd like to run? (share it in the comments if so)

For more details on the sort of things we mean, check out these links:

Feel free to share with others, and if you want to discuss possible project ideas beforehand then leave a comment below...