Clothing and Technology: A Wearables Hackday

This is a past event

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Join us for a day of wearables and e-textiles, exploring how combining fabric and computers can make for interesting projects.

Want to make light switches out of pom poms? Or a t-shirt that glows in different colours based on your heart rate? Come along to DoES for the day and you can learn how to do just that (or at least make a start on it..). Or just come and see the knitting machine we’re building from instructions on the internet. ( ).

If you’re a beginner and want to try something new, get hands-on with our e-textile kits to make a simple, wearable soft circuit. Explore how digital fabrication can be used to make wearable textile projects, from laser cut fabric and tools to automated looms such as the Knitic.

Don’t know about electronics or technology? There will be people to show you how to use our simple computing kits. We also have Arduino and Lilypads for more advanced projects.

Bring your own project to work on, start something new or find out about the wearable projects members of DoES have been making.

We will give a short introduction to e-textiles at 10:30 including homemade switches and sensors and how they can be used with Arduino. We will also demonstrate how to make two different types of sensor. But feel free to drop in at any time to see what we’re up to!

It's an informal day of learning and making - some of the things we expect include...

• people working on projects of their own, looking for help from fellow attendees

• people joining up with someone else on the day to share skills and make something

...something you'd like to run? (share it in the comments if so)

For more details on the sort of things we mean, check out these links:

Materials which will be available on the day:

2 floras v2
3 gemmas v2
2 gemma v1
& Arduinos

Sensors / switches
pulse sensor
flora colour sensor
lillypad temperature sensor
lillypad accelerometer
flora lux sensor (light sensor)
Electro-fashion tilt switch
Electro-fashion magnetic switch

neopixels (pack of 4 programmable)
fibre optic fabric (1 piece)
lillypad buzzer
Sewable red, blue, white LED's

Conductive Materials
conductive thread
conductive yarn
conductive velcro
conductive rubber cord (can be used for stretch sensors)
velostat (can be used for pressure sensors)
conductive PLA

2 x 3.7 v lithium batteries
Sewable coin cell holders
Sewable coin cell hollers (with latching switch)

Other Materials
thermochromic ink - green, magenta, black
photochromic - blue purple
Sprayable fabric paint - for use with stencils
mylar sheets (for cutting stencils)