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Intro to Data-Making Workshop

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Due to the demand for the March 16th workshop, we are making this additional session available.

Joe Saavedra, adjunct professor at Parson's School of Design NYC and developer of the project, will lead a half-day workshop (1:30PM-5:30PM) for the beginner Arduino/Pachube user. Learn how to create data feeds, input data using simple manual tools (website and mobile apps), and then automate the process via an internet-connected Arduino. This is a super-practical introduction.

- Arduino Ethernet, or a normal Arduino with an Ethernet Shield. There's a list of distributors here:

- If you have the Arduino Ethernet you'll need an FTDI cable to program it since it doesn't have a USB port.

- Install the Arduino IDE programming environment, and any necessary drivers. gives more info.

- Make sure your Arduino is working correctly. I'd recommend trying out 'Fade' under File>Examples>Basics. (You can also try 'Blink' but on an Arduino Ethernet you'll have to change to pin 9).

- An ethernet cable.

- A power strip.

This is a free workshop but has limited space, so please be sensitive to that when RSVP'ing.