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Cleanweb is the use of digital technology to address environmental challenges. As a movement, cleanweb is a grassroots global network of innovators applying the web to the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Cleanweb London runs events that facilitate the conversations at the intersection between digital technologies and sustainability and we believe that the web is one of the most powerful ways to address climate change.

Started in September 2011, we have held over 50 events with over 1300 members. And we strive to be the largest and most active cleanweb ( community in the world.

Events usually attract a mix of 40% developers, 30% entrepreneurs or start-ups and 30% corporates or other professionals.

Several successful companies have formed after meeting at our event such as peer-to-peer clean energy provider Open Utility and big data analytics company Mastodon C.

We are part of the wider Cleanweb UK ( movement.

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