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Sharing space about sense making, and the tools to accomplish it! This aims to become a community to grow skills and tools for data visualisation & interaction. The benefits are many, the topics strongly interdisciplinary, and the result is usually pretty cool!

This group was born in Summer 2013. I am aiming at the highest possible accessibility for it, meaning that all the participants should find easy to feel involved in a dialogue. My goal is not just to have a place where relevant contents can be presented, but a space where it is possible to ask help about concrete problems to other professionals or just people passionate about info/data vis.

Ideas and collaboration from anybody about how to shape or change the meeting dynamics are welcome.

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Datavis Practice

Technologiestiftung Berlin

DataVis Berlin meets IEEE Vis and Information+

Technologiestiftung Berlin

Data Vis Book Club: Let's read Alberto Cairo together!

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