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Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

Hyperledger Meetup groups have an informal relationship with Hyperledger, and make up a key part of the Hyperledger ecosystem. Participation in a Hyperledger Meetup group is open to anyone--employees of a Hyperledger member company, Hyperledger contributors and developers, and people just passionate about blockchain technology

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Blockchain Hyperledger - development basis

Via Henri Guisan

Durante questo MEETUP parleremo della Blockchain Hyperledger, soffermandoci in particolare sul framework Fabric e racconteremo delle esperienze pratiche di sviluppo della nostra società, FORFIRM. Ingresso gratuito. During this meetup we will talk about the Blockchain Hyperledger, focusing in particular on the Fabric framework and we will talk about the practical experiences of development of our company, FORFIRM. Free entry.

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