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It's time to create a meetup in Milan for academics, hobbysts or professionals interested in Machine Learning solutions and latest development of AI.

The idea behind this meetup is to strive for the technological and innovative aspects, in contrast to the commercial part. The vision is to bring ML Milan at an European level and to build a community of AI practitioners in Milan.

The project is stil in a WorkInProgress phase. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested to take part in the organizational setup or if you have a topic you want to talk about: we're always looking for interesting presentations, anything from 10 up to 30 minutes. Please, remember that talks shouldn't be commercial: the idea is to build a meetup around people passionate about AI & ML, not to promote some specific product or service.

This meetup is no-profit with talks, held in English, regarding:
- ML applications in the industry with real case examples
- new papers and software features

If an organization would like to host it, or sponsor food & drink, feel free to get in touch.

Eventi in programma (2)

#8 MLMilan: Autonomous Driving and Age Transformation with GANs

Dear all, September is coming soon, and why not start with a new fresh event to start the new year with a blast? Here we are with a new event that will take place @Polimi Leonardo. “Generative Adversarial Networks for age transformation in images” GANs are models capable of generating data, such as realistically looking images. Madhu will start by introducing the theory behind GANs, then, inspired by the famous FaceApp, Madhu will show in a live coding session how to achieve similar results using GANs. Madhu Sanjeevi Madhu is a machine learning scientist and AI researcher, currently working at Logos 01. After working in Mumbai (India), he recently moved to Italy in Mantova and will be showing a live coding session. “ML for Autonomous Driving: Lane detection” Lane detection is a fundamental problem for self driving vehicles. Nicolò will discuss the challenges it poses and how Convolutional LSTMs can improve current models by exploiting spatiotemporal relations. Nicolò Lucchesi Nicolò is a student of the Artificial Intelligence master degree in Pisa. He is particularly interested in applying Machine Learning to NLP and Autonomous Driving systems. He'll be presenting an application of ML to the latter field for detection of road lanes from a video stream.

#9 MLMilan: Guided Automation with KNIME - Intelligently Automating ML

Dear all, Here we are with a new event from ML Milan that will take place @Talent Garden Merano. This meetup event is co-hosted with KNIME and Target Research. “Automated Machine Learning: Just How Much?” Paolo will show how to build a more transparent application for automated machine learning using KNIME Software. It will have an input user interface to control the settings for data preparation, model training (e.g. using deep learning, random forest, etc.), hyperparameter optimization, and feature engineering. The trained models will be shown in the end in an interactive dashboard to visualize the results with model interpretability techniques. Paolo Tamagnini works as a Data Scientist for KNIME in the evangelism team in Berlin. After his graduation at Sapienza University and a research internship at NYU, Paolo has run various workshops in the US and Europe and has developed a number of reusable KNIME guided analytics applications for automated machine learning and data exploration. Second speaker: To Be Announced Where? Join us on Thursday 19th of September at Talent Garden in Via Merano 16. The event will start at 19:00 and will finish around 20:30, with an appetizer offered from KNIME and Target Research. Please bring your ID to confirm registration at the event venue.

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