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Do you like Italy, and Rome? This is the right group for you! Here you can find events related to excursions in Rome, food and wine tasting, hiking and walking around the italian capital, and trips in the countryside, in search of typical food and historical tradition of Italy! Join us, italian lover! We are waiting for you!

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Stazione Metro Anagnina

135,00 €

Dear Explorers, are you ready to spend two days in the National Park of Abruzzo going snowshoeing through the amazing beauty of Unesco Heritage Site? This unique experience is addressed to wildlife, walk and snow lovers!!! A mix of emotions starting from the morning on Saturday, with a beautiful excursion in one of the most beautiful scenario of the natural park, and another beautiful snowshoeing on Sunday looking for the deer and the wolves, hoping to see a safety distance:-) Led by an escort of mid-mountain registered in the National College of Alpine Guides we will lead us to observe the magic natural environment of Abruzzo! PROGRAM DAY 1: Saturday 26th of January 08.30: departure from Rome, Metro A, Anagnina, by car 11.00: arrival in Pescasseroli 11.15: meeting with the guide and start the first snowshoeing excursion through one of the most beautiful plateau of the National Park, the Beech Forest of Selva Moricento, a protected area now recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and located in the territory of Lecce in the Marsi. 13.30: lunch brought by the participants (packed lunch) 16.30: end of the snowshoeing, and transfer to hotel in Civitella Alfedena 17.00: check in, and accomodation in a 3 stars hotel. Free time and relax 19.30: dinner in hotel - SPECIAL MENU FOR VEGETARIAN ON REQUEST 21.00: short walk in the night to listen to the sounds of nature 21.45: good night to all! DAY 2: Sunday 27th of January 6.30: wake Up!!! 7.00: breakfast and lunch box delivery 7.30: departure for the second snowshoeing to admire the amazing scenario that will lead us from the Val Fondillo of Opi to the Serra delle Gravare, through winter landscapes, where we could see deer, the chamois and the wolf (if we are lucky!) . The return will take place on the same path. 12.00: stop for packed lunch offered by the Hotel - SPECIAL MENU FOR VEGETARIAN ON REQUEST 15.45: end of the hiking 16.00: return to the hotel for baggage claim and check out 16.30: cheese and cold cuts tasting 17.15: departure for Rome 19.30: expected arrival in Rome, Metro A, Anagnina IMPORTANT NOTICE 1) First day - snowshoeing details: difference in height: +/- 250 m difficulty level: MEDIUM duration: durata: 5.00 h (with stops) lenght: +/- 10 Km Guide: Pietro Santucci 2) Second day - snowshoeing details: difference in height: +/- 800 m difficulty level: HIGH duration: durata: 7.30 h (with stops) lenght: +/- 18 Km Guide: Pietro Santucci EQUIPMENT: - trekking waterproof shoes - clothing suitable for low temperatures (gloves, hat, windproof jacket, fleece sweater) - no jeans, no ski pants - sandwiches for the lunch of the first day - camera, sunglasses, suncream and binocular (if you have it) MEETING POINT In order to help you to meet us at Anagnina metro station, we could meet exactly where there's the Metro wagon in exposure. To find the place in google map, click here (,12.5861941,84m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8a157dc5ea48b653!6m1!1e1)! It's just in front of the Metro wagon, you can't be wrong:-) We wait for you at 08.30 a.m. COSTS: The share of the two days is € 135 per person and includes EVERYTHING: - Transport by car from Rome and back - Overnight in a very picturesque three star hotel in Civitella Alfedena - Saturday night dinner - Renting of snowshoes and sticks for both days - Breakfast and packed lunch on Sunday - Complete assistance of a companion mid-mountain writing the regional mountain guides for the two days and the night walk. Not included: Packed Lunch on Saturday. Single room on request (limited number of rooms): 15 € This will be an extraordinary experience! We will spend two fantastic day together in one of the most beautiful scenario of Italy: the National Naturalistic Park of Abruzzo! SAVE THE DATE, EXPLORERS! The spots are limited!!!


Poggio Mirteto

18,00 €

Hi to all, dear Explorers! This time we will lead you again in the suggestive area of Sabina, a territory at the gates of Rome, rich in history, tradition and natural scenario, where we show you the beauty and the colors of the Sabina countryside. WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO This time our starting point is the village of Castel San Pietro, a lovely town that is one of the most beautiful "borghi" of Italy. Perched on the top of Mount Ginestro (763 meters above sea level), 40 kms from Rome, the borgo has a long history, and its name is recorded in some documents dating back to the end of the 15th century, also with the variant Castrum Sancti Petri, due to the presence of the military fortress built by the very famous and important Colonna family. Castel San Pietro Romano became famous in 1950’s because Director Luigi Comencini shoot here his movie “Pane, amore e fantasia” (Bread, Love and Fantasy) (1953), starring Vittorio De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida, and the sequel as well , “Pane amore e gelosia”. From Castel San Pietro we walk through the typical hilly landscape of Sabina, with amazing view on the valleys, descending from Mont Ginestro to reach Salisano. During the hike, we find the hill of Mompeo, divided from Salisano by the deep canyon "Gola of Rosciano", and between them, on the top of a hill over the bushes, we discover the rest of ancient tower and walls of the ghost city of Rocca Baldesca. Finally we arrive to Salisano (m.460), on the slopes of Mount Ode, to come back on a different way. PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 10.00 : Meeting at Sant'Oreste train station - 10.30 : By private cars to the trekking starting point (Nepi) - 13.00 : Lunch time! - 17.30 : End of the trekking - 18.00: By private cars to Sant'Oreste train station - 18.23: Train to Rome IMPORTAN NOTICE - bring your own sandwiches for lunch - plenty of water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks during the walk. - trekking shoes MANDATORY - rain jacket (just in case:-)) TREKKING NOTICE Level of difficulty: medium (E) Length: 13 km. Difference in altitude: 500 m. Duration: +/- 6,0 h (with breaks) Guide : William Sersanti COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs costs 18€ , and includes the guide for the trekking, and the car-transfer to the starting point of hiking (and back). Children under 12 years can come for free:-) If you're coming by car, let us know. There will be a discount. HOW TO GET THERE TO GO 8.46 - Take the train from Roma Tiburtina Station to Poggio Mirteto Station. Get off at Poggio Mirteto train station. We'll be outside waiting for you-) TO COME BACK 17.09 or 17.40 - Take the train from Poggio Mirteto train station to Roma Tiburtina Station Hope to see you, explorer! It will be a very interesting and funny day in the open air!

Hiking to the amazing Luni and San Giovenale!

Stazione Civitavecchia

16,00 €

Dear Explorers, this time we'd like to show you the beauty and the colors of Lazio countryside, with one of the most beautiful excursions in the area, in a territory at the gates of Rome, rich in history, tradition and natural beauty. WHAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE "Pian di Luni” or “Luni” is the name of a plateau, built by the volcanic rock, tufa, and lying by the river Mignone in the Comune di Blera, about 65 km northwest of Rome. On the southern side the Vesca stream meets the river Mignone while the northern side of Luni is flanked by the deep valley of the Canino brook, populated by lots of cows and horses in the wild. Next to Luni we find San Giovenale, an old etruscan village, then a medieval site and now a suggestive place surrounded by two rivers, Mignone and Vesca. Here the rests of the ancient human presence are magically integrated with nature, creating a very special environment, full of plants, woods, cows and wild animals. OUR ITINERARY We start from the plateau of San Giovenale, to take the old railroad tracks of the railway Capranica - Civitavecchia, now disused, walking on striking builds such as iron bridges and dark galleries! We admire a great view from the bridge, and then climb up to the plateau of Luni. Reaching the top of the hill, we find some remains of the Bronze Age, a hut, some cabins, and two etruscan "tagliate". We go down on one of the "tagliate" to meet one more plateau, where we discover some etruscan tombs, and one little interesting cave. Finally we descend to the confluence of the rivers Mignone and Vesca, admiring a very peaceful place, where the sweet waters embrace the valley. The last step is a short uphill to arrive to the parking place. EXCURSION DETAILS difference in height: +/- 150 m difficulty level: easy/medium duration: durata: 6 h (with stops) lenght: round trip +/- 16 Km Trekking Guide: Daniela Boccassino PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 08.45 : Meeting at Civitavecchia train station to go by our "navetta" (private cars!!!) to the starting point of the hiking (Civitella Cesi) - 10.00 : Starting the walk to Luni sul Mignone - 13.15 : Lunch time! - 17. 00 : End of the walk in Civitella Cesi - 17.15: Back to the train station of Civitavecchia to take the train for going back home (Rome) IMPORTAN NOTICE - bring your own sandwiches for this day hike. Bring also plenty of water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks - bring a light with you, cause we will cross a tunnel during the walk - wear trekking shoes, a hut, and take a kway with you (in case of rain) - bring a camera!:-) COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs 16€ and includes the natural guide for the hiking, and the shuttle service (with our private cars) from Civitavecchia to the start point of the hiking in Luni- San Giovenale, and back. Children under 12 years can come for free:-) If you're coming by car let us know, there will be a discount:-) HOW TO GET THERE - Take the train from Roma Termini (7.27) or Roma Ostiense (7.37) or Roma Trastevere (7.41) or Roma San Pietro (7.46) to Civitavecchia - Get off at Civitavecchia (the final stop) We wait for you ot of the station TO COME BACK TO ROME - Take the train from Civitavecchia at 17.43 Rome direction. Hope to see you, explorer! It will be a very interesting and funny day in the open air! You will see an incredible natural scenario, guided by Daniela, a trekking guide that knows these places very very well, and that will help us to appreciate this area discovering hidden corners and jewels that nobody knows:-) HOPE TO SEE YOU!


Dear Explorers, this time we want to share with you the fantastic experience of walking on the FRANCIGENA PILGRIM ROAD, from Orvieto to Bolsena Lake, the so called Road of Miracle! We pass through a fantastic scenario made of vineyards, olive groves, tufa rock and clay. The geographical area which currently includes the administrative borders of three regions – Umbria, Latium and Tuscany – was in ancient times the beating heart of Etruria. This winding itinerary starting from Orvieto and going through cultivated fields and rural towns will lead you across the border between Umbria and Latium to reach the largest vulcanic lake in Europe, the lake of Bolsena. HISTORY OF THE ROAD OF THE MIRACLE Orvieto’s magnificent cathedral was built in the fourteenth century to commemmorate the miracle of Corpus Christi, which occured in 1264 AD at the Basilica of S. Cristina in Bolsena. The Miracle A Bohemian priest, tormented by the doubt whether the consecrated host was Christ's body and blood, went on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1263 to strengthen his faith. On his way back he stopped in Bolsena to celebrate mass at the altar of Saint Christina's Basilica; at the moment of consecration he saw the broken host spill some stills of blood, that stained the Corporal, a linen cloth used during the functions. Once Pope Urban IV, who had been residing in Orvieto since 1262, learnt about the miracle, he sent the town's Bishop to Bolsena so that the latter would take the relic represented by the sacred linen cloth to the Church of Saint Mary; the Pontiff himself waited by the Rio Chiaro bridge for the relic to arrive and a solemn procession accompanied it to its final destination. The Orvietani thought the existing cathedral appeared too modest to host such a precious relic, therefore they decided a new religious building should be constructed, splendid and magnificent enough to match such a great miracle. ROUTE DESCRIPTION From Orvieto to Bolsena (15 km) Let's start from Orvieto, a very beautiful village technically in Umbria but off to the side a bit, wedged in between Tuscany and Lazio, sits on the top of a plateau made of “tufa” rock. At the beginning vineyards and olive groves will characterize the scenery around us as far as the eye can reach, together with wine companies and typical and well renovated farmhouses. Then we cross the countryside, and cultivated fields are gradually replaced by coppice woodland, mainly Turkey Oaks, Downy Oaks and Chestnut trees. Almost magically we find in the region of Latium, near Lubriano, a small municipality of 941 inhabitants, which is rich in history and traditions. Following ancient paths and secondary roads, across green fields and charming hamlets, we get closer to the lake of Bolsena. We drop to cross a clear rushing stream, and then we climb again to admire a series of magnificent lake panoramas. Ruins of a settlement dating back to pre-Roman times can be found on the hill above the old town. After passing a clear woodland stream we finally arrive at Bolsena town, celebrated for its Eucharistic Miracle. Excursion details: difference in height: +/- 500 m difficulty level: medium duration: durata: 6.30 h (with stops) lenght: round trip +/- 15 Km Guide: Luca - Percorsi Etruschi Association PROGRAM OF THE DAY 07.28: departure from Roma Termini Station to Orvieto 08.43: arrival in Orvieto 09.00: starting of the walking 12.30: stop for lunch brought by the participants (packed lunch) 16.00: arrival at Bolsena Lake 16.10: departure from Bolsena to Orvieto (by bus) 17.25: departure from Orvieto to Rome (by train) EQUIPMENT AND IMPORTANT NOTICE: - Trekking shoes are mandatory. - Bring your own sandwiches for lunch for this day tour (with water too) - Wear clothing suitable for a long walk (and don't forget a raincoat!) MEETING POINT 23th of February, 8.45 a.m., we wait for you outside Orvieto railway station. COSTS, DURATION AND LANGUAGE The tour lasts the whole day It costs costs 18 € and includes english speaking hiking guide HOW TO GET THERE To Go From Termini Station, take the train to Orvieto at 7.28 and get off at Orvieto station (08.43) We'll wait for you out of the station with the signboard of Meetup. To Come Back Take the bus from Bolsena Lake at 16.10, to Orvieto Railway Station. Then take the train from Orvieto station at 17.25 to Roma Termini (arrival at 18.50) This will be an extraordinary experience! We will spend a day together in one of the most beautiful scenario of Italy!!! SAVE THE DATE, EXPLORERS! The spots are limited!!!

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Museo Nazionale Palazzo Venezia

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