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Hi to all, dear Explorers! Are you ready to enter in a mystic world made of secrets, legends and mystery? Are you ready to discover one of the most fascinating enigma of the Etruscan civilization? Are you ready to be amazed by the incredible territory of Monti Casoli? This time we will lead you to explore a wood where the time stood still, where we'll find mysterious structures in the middle of it , altars, abbeys and necropolis! WHAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE The wood In the fourth century BC, the great Cimini Forest, north of Rome was declared off-limits to the Roman army. Historian Livy called it “pathless and terrifying.” In fact there were paths, but known only to the Etruscan enemy, whose mineral-rich, fertile homeland the Romans coveted. The Monte Casoli Nature Reserve, inhabited since ancient times, from the Etruscans and up to the early Middle Ages, was located in a strategic point for the communication ways that connected the Teverina to the Cimini Mountains. It covers about 285 hectares of territory, between the extreme north-eastern slopes of the Cimini Mountains and the wide valley of the Tiber,. The wood we'll cross is full of lovely paths abound. We will see oaks, tuff platea, clear rivers and stone altars! The area is a natural chest of hidden archeological and landscape treasures, that let us feel like real explorers!!! Things to discover on the path We'll go to the discovery of Neolithic settlements, stone altars, erratic boulders, abbeys, necropolis, churches and medieval walls. Completely surrounded by nature, out of any image of modern life, we'll be catapulted into a timeless place. We'll be amazed by the Temple of Diana, a rock site that stands on a tufaceous spur between the valleys cut by streams that join the Tiber and surrounded by sweet cimini hills. We will be inspired by these rocky places, spending a day between nature and history! PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 10.00 : Meeting at Bomarzo/Attigliano train station - 10.30 : Excursion to the ring of the Preacher Rock - 13.00 : Lunch time - 16.00 : Back to Bomarzo town to have an ice-cream, and then to the train station. - 17.30: All back home! IMPORTAN NOTICE - bring the packed lunch for this day hike - bring water and snacks for short breaks during the walk - trekking shoes ARE MANDATORY DETAILS OF THE HIKING Difficulty: low level Difference in height: 160 m. Lenght : 8 km Duration: 6 hours (with stops) Guide name: Daniela Boccassino COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs costs 16€ HOW TO REACH THE MEETING POINT TO GO - Take the train from Roma Termini Station to Attigliano/Bomarzo , at 9.00 - Get off at Bomarzo/Attigliano station We wait for you at 9.50 just outside tghe station. TO COME BACK - Take the train from Bomarzo/Attigliano train station to Roma Termini at 17.48

Stazione Ferroviaria Attigliano - Bomarzo

Viale c. battisti , Attigliano · attigliano

16,00 €
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