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Do you like Italy, and Rome? This is the right group for you! Here you can find events related to excursions in Rome, food and wine tasting, hiking and walking around the italian capital, and trips in the countryside, in search of typical food and historical tradition of Italy! Join us, italian lover! We are waiting for you!

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Stazione Metro Anagnina

135,00 €

Dear Explorers, are you ready to spend two days in the National Park of Abruzzo going snowshoeing through the amazing beauty of Unesco Heritage Site? This unique experience is addressed to wildlife, walk and snow lovers!!! A mix of emotions starting from the morning on Saturday, with a beautiful excursion in one of the most beautiful scenario of the natural park, and another beautiful snowshoeing on Sunday looking for the deer and the wolves, hoping to see a safety distance:-) Led by an escort of mid-mountain registered in the National College of Alpine Guides we will lead us to observe the magic natural environment of Abruzzo! PROGRAM DAY 1: Saturday 29th of February 08.45: departure from Rome, Metro A, Anagnina, by car 11.30: arrival in Civitella Alfedena 12:00 meeting with the guide and transfer by cars to the Lake of Barrea, for the first snowshoeing excursion through one of the most beautiful plateau of the National Park, the Vallone of Scontrone (path number J8). 13.30: lunch brought by the participants (packed lunch) 17:30: end of the snowshoeing in the dark with the help of the torchlights!!! 18.00: check in, and accomodation in a 3 stars hotel. Free time and relax 20:00: dinner in hotel - SPECIAL MENU FOR VEGETARIAN ON REQUEST 21.45: good night to all! DAY 2: Sunday the 1st of March 6.15: wake Up!!! 06.45: breakfast and lunch box delivery 7.15: departure for the second wonderful excursion to admire the scenario of the Mainarde Molisane, the so called "Mountain over the sea"(2160 m - M1 / N1 Park path), a place of great naturalistic beauty, where animals such as deer, wolf and chamois, find a natural and peaceful shelter, a path truly extraordinary among ancient beech woods, glades rich in wildlife and splendid peaks. 12.00: stop for packed lunch offered by the Hotel - SPECIAL MENU FOR VEGETARIAN ON REQUEST 15.30: end of the hiking 16.00: at the hotel for baggage claim and check out 16.30: cheese and cold cuts tasting 17.15: departure for Rome 19.45: expected arrival in Rome, Metro A, Anagnina SNOWSHOEING DETAILS GUIDE: Pietro Santucci 1) First day - Park path J8: difference in height: +/- 250 m difficulty level: EASY duration: durata: 4.30 h (with stops) lenght: +/- 8 Km 2) Second day - Park path M1/N1: difference in height: +/- 700 m difficulty level: MEDIUM/HIGH duration: durata: 7.30 h (with stops) lenght: +/- 14 Km EQUIPMENT AND IMPORTANT NOTICE - trekking mountain waterproof shoes - clothing suitable for low temperatures -5/+5 degrees (gloves, hat, windproof and waterproof jacket, fleece sweater) - no jeans, no ski pants - TORCH and trekking sticks - camera, sunglasses, suncream and binocular (if you have it) - sandwiches for the lunch of the first day - please let us know if you suffer from food allergies or if you're vegetarian/vegan MEETING POINT MEETING PLACE: In order to help you to meet us at Anagnina metro station, we could meet exactly where there's the Metro wagon in exposure. To find the place in google map, click here (,12.5861941,84m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8a157dc5ea48b653!6m1!1e1)! It's just in front of the Metro wagon, you can't be wrong:-) MEETING TIME: We wait for you at 08.45 a.m. COSTS: The share of the two days is € 135 per person and includes EVERYTHING: - Transport by car from Rome and back - Overnight in a very picturesque three star hotel in Civitella Alfedena - Saturday night dinner - Renting of snowshoes for both days - Breakfast and packed lunch on Sunday - Complete assistance of a companion mid-mountain writing the regional mountain guides for the two days and the night walk. Not included: Packed Lunch on Saturday. Single room on request (limited number of rooms): 15 € This will be an extraordinary experience! We will spend two fantastic day together in one of the most beautiful scenario of Italy: the National Naturalistic Park of Abruzzo! SAVE THE DATE, EXPLORERS! The spots are limited!!!

Hiking in the natural reserve and the ghost town of Monterano!

Corso della Repubblica

16,00 €

Hi to all, dear Explorers! This time we will lead you to the amazing natural reserve of Monterano! Visiting the Natural Reserve of Monterano is like making a trip through the time. The time of man, with his ancient settlement of 3.000 years ago, but most of all the time of nature, which is much older, and that has created this incredible landscape! WHAT WE'RE GOING TO SEE The natural reserve of Monterano Located in the nearby of Canale Monterano (province of Rome), to the edge of Tolfa Mountains, the reserve extends till the valley of Mignone river. It covers about 1.000 hectars, and safeguards a great variety of environments and an exuberant biodiversity (hill forests, volcanic grounds, rare ferns, pastures and grazings with their typical flora and fauna). The ghost town of Canale Monterano The ghost town of Canale Monterano takes on a great importance both from an historical - archeological point of view and from a natural one. It was founded from Etruschi, and had its best period during 1600 D.C., when Altieri family, feudatory of the province, called Bernini to renovate the whole town. First malaria and then french invasion in 1799 lead the town to destruction. WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO The hiking starts from the centre of the modern Canale Monterano. Hiking over the glide path for 2 km, we reach the falls of Diosilla, where the protected area begins. From Diosilla falls, walking through a beautiful shady path, we run along Bicione hole, to reach the solfatara of Monterano, sulphur spring in a lunar landscape! From there we begin the rise to the rock of Monterano, to finish the ascent in front of the spectacular acquedotto romano at the entrance of the ghost town. Then we will be enchanted exploring the town, with the ruins of baronial buldings, churches and fountains. We will see the magic scenary of Pizzimeni lawn, with convento of San Bonaventura, natural scenic design for many movies, where we will stop to have a rest and lunch. From Pizzimeni lawn we will come back! DURATION/DIFFICULTY/EQUIPMENT - Track length: 10 km ca. - Difficulty level: easy. The hiking doesn't present tecnique difficulties, we'll find only marked paths, even if it's possible to find partially muddy parts. - It's useful to wear comfortable shoes (better trakking shoes) - It's necessary to take with you the packed lunch...with water, obvioulsy:-) HOW TO GET THERE TO GO - Take the train from Rome Ostiense Station to Viterbo at 8.52 - GET OFF AT MANZIANA - CANALE MONTERANO Train Station We wait for you just outside Manziana-Canale Monterano Train station TO COME BACK - Take the train from Manziana-Canale Monterano to Rome Ostiense, at 17.31 You'll be in Rome at 18.54 COSTS The visit will last about 6 hours. The cost of the visit, with the guide for all the duration of the visit, is 16 €. No more fees to pay.

GREAT HIKING - From Tolfa to Santa Severa!


18,00 €

Hi to all, dear Explorers! This time we go together to explore the territory of "Monti della Tolfa". This Special Protected Area extends on[masked] hectares, and includes part of Cimini Mountains, the coast of Civitavecchia, S.Severa and S. Marinella, and the villages of Tolfa and Allumiere. They are places where the bursting green of the woods alternates with the subtle and mysterious scent of the rocks, and where the cold minerals are combined with the life that breaks its hardness. What seduces is not only the ambiguous charm of this land and the villages, which speak of history and ancient traditions, but the presence of botanical essences of all kinds, the sense of space, a deep inner calm, and the mineralogical richness of this volcanic land. WHAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE We start from the village of Tolfa, at the top of the area. We see a landscape shows itself as a collection of delicate and low-altitude reliefs, not higher than[masked] meters, which descend with hollow sides on open valleys, interrupted only by the presence of lava and flysch domes. The "Monti della Tolfa", infact, are called "mountains" despite the maximum altitude reached by the highest peaks (633m) are those of the hills. This is due to the conformation of the reliefs of the area made of sharp and wild volcanic peaks. The itinerary, which will take us from Tolfa to Santa Severa, does not present particular difficulties and allows you to immerse yourself in an environment still very intact and wild, made of woods, pastures, bushes and meadows. An authentic rural landscape where horses of the Tolfetan breed and Maremma cows graze peacefully. We will walk through the ancient paths always traveled by the Tolfetani. We will face ups and downs and hills from the city of Tolfa to the sea, crossing dense woods and observing a great verity of plants and flowers. PROGRAMME OF THE DAY - 08.50 : Meeting at Civitavecchia Train Station - 10.15 : The hiking starts from Tolfa Village - 13.00: Break for lunch - 17.45 : The hiking ends in Santa Severa - 18.13: Train to Rome. All back home! Excursion details: difference in height: -/+ 480 m difficulty level: high (due to the length of the path. It could be warm) duration: durata: 7.30 h (with stops) length: +/-23 Km Guide: Daniela Boccassino IMPORTAN NOTICE - trekking shoes are MANDATORY - bring your own sandwiches - bring PLENTY of water for the entire day and snacks (dried fruit, chocolate, nuts etc) for short breaks during the walk. - bring a hat and sunglasses - IT'S FUNDAMENTAL TO BE IN TIME AT CIVITAVECCHIA TRAIN STATION. IF YOU'RE COMING BY CAR TO CIVITAVECCHIA STATION, PLEASE LET US KNOW. COSTS AND DURATION The tour lasts the whole day. It costs costs 18€ , and includes the natural guide for the hiking HOW TO REACH THE MEETING POINT TO GO 07.38 - From Ostiense station , take the train to Civitavecchia station. Get off at Civitavecchia. Time for toilette and/or coffe. We wait for you out of the station, to go together to take the Cotral bus to Tolfa. 09.42- Cotral Bus to Tolfa 10.20 - Get off at Tolfa TO COME BACK 18.12 From Santa Severa take the train to Termini Station (Last train:-)) Hope to see you!!! Laura and Ester


Dear Explorers, are you ready to spend four fantastic days in the amazing scenario of Ischia, the island of regeneration, of energies, of nature and history? This time we lead you to discover one of the most beautiful island of Italy, the jewel of the Bay of Naples: Ischia! You will see with endless wonder! Ischia has a wealth of things to see and do from its fantastic beaches, thermal parks, gardens and historical sights. And for the more urban minded visitor there is the elegant and traffic free town of Sant'Angelo with its characteristic boutiques, local pottery and hand-crafted merchandise!!! WHAT WE ARE GOING TO TO DO Street food and guided visit: The first day we will be guided to discover the villages of Ischia Ponte and Ischia Porto, to admire the narrow streets and old churches, and to taste the delicious local street food, with two stops in two different local shops!!! Hikings: 1) Piano Liguori Piano Liguori is an area of natural beauty between Ischia Ponte and Barano, and is one of the most enjoyable parts of the island to explore. Starting from the village of Campagnano, we climb a steadily rising and narrowing path up the mountain-side with dramatic views down to the sea and across to the islands of Procida, Capri, and Sorrento on the mainland. The walk then continues along the slopes of the Mount Vezzi, where a handful of local farming families still live and where we can have a picnic lunch, or some of you can choose to eat the famous and delicious dish "Coniglio all'Ischitana" with plenty of local wine that will be served on Maria and Giuseppe’s beautiful terrace, After the lunch break the walk continues through the chestnut wood back down to Campagnano for the trip back to the hotels, scheduled at round 4 p.m. Length : 12 km Difference in altitude: 300 m Difficult: Easy 2) "Mount Epomeo and Pizzi Bianchi" Mount Epomeo is the highest mountain in Ischia and can be seen from most points on the Island. Standing 789 metres (2,589 ft), it towers above the rest of Ischia and is covered in lush greenery, with a few vineyards also occupying its slopes. After a short break at the top oh the Mount, we'll go on the excursion on a common road in the countryside. All of sudden, after a bend, we find ourselves in front of an unusual spectacle of nature: a deep valley speckled with high white pinnacles, 5 or 6 metres high, rising from the valley among the natural green vegetation below. This curious geological formation, is a mass of white tufa stone, eroded by wind and rain over thousands of years. The trekking trail of White Peaks is quite intense and diverse. It provides the chance to enjoy different views and a different landscape around each new corner. After passing the valley, Sant’Angelo bay with its hill will be visible on your right side. We will then reach a deep cave that we will pass through high steps and with the help of ropes hanging from the trees! The experience is quite unique and adventurous! Once you’re out of the cave we are almost there, at Maronti Beach, next to Sant'Angelo village. Recommended only for those who don’t suffer from a fear of heights. Length : 17 km Difference in altitude: 600 m Difficult: Medium - High Free day: The last day of the trip you can decide what to do in the island. 1) Thermal benefits can be enjoyed in man-made attractions such as pools or water parks (Poseidon or Negombo are the most important and beautiful. Negombo is only 800 mt. from our hotel) 2) Ischia is also called the “Green island” for its abundant vegetation and luxuriant nature. You can go to vist the amazing Giardini La Mortella, the spectacular subtropical and mediterranean garden developed since 1956 by the late Susan Walton 3) Try some lemon ice cream or a fish lunch or have a walk in Sant'Angelo, or Casamicciola or Forio. You will never regret! 4) relax in the swimming pools of the hotel,enjoying the SPA! PROGRAM OF THE TOUR Day 1: Thursday the 30th of April 11.30: Meeting point in Naples - Central Train station 12.55: Ferry from Naples to Ischia Porto 13.35: Arrival at Ischia Island 14.30: Accomodation in a very cozy and central hotel in Ischia Porto (double room, private bathroom) 15.45: 3 hours English guided visit of Ischia Ponte and Ischia Porto with stops for local street food:-) 17.45: Spare time till dinner 20.30: Dinner in Hotel Day 2: Friday the 1st of May 9.00: Breakfast 10.00: Starting of excursion Piano Liguori 13.00: Packed lunch 15.30: End of the hiking 16.30: Free time. If you like, you can go for an aperitive to Castel Sant'angelo with me and Ester:-) 18.30: Back to hotel 20.30: Dinner in Hotel Day 3: Saturday the 2nd of May 8.30: Breakfast 9.30: Starting of Excursion to Mount Epomeo and Pizzi Bianchi 13.00: Packed lunch 16.00: End of the hiking 17.30: Free time ( you can relax at hotel swimming pool - thermal hot water!) 20:30: Dinner in Hotel Day 4: Sunday the 3rd of May 8.00: Breakfast 08:30: Free time You can go to Terme Poseidon or Negombo. Or you can visit the villages of Forio, Lacco Ameno or Casamicciola or the Gardens of La Mortella or the beaches on the island. Up to you:-)) 15:45: Meeting point in Hotel 16.15: Ferry to Naples 17.30: Arrival at Naples port 18.31: Train to Rome MEETING POINT First meeting point - 11.30: Naples train station, in front of the entrance of Feltrinelli bookshop (side out) , at 11.30. Second meeting point - 12.30: At Molo Beverello, Napoli Harbour, at 12.30 (sharp!) You can get there taking the metro from Napoli Central Station, getting off at Municipio stop, and walking for 400 m. We will have a signboard, you can't miss it!!! COSTS: The share of the 4 days is € 300 per person and includes: - Fast Ferry from Naples to Ischia and back - 3 nights in hotel in Ischia Porto, with thermal pools (in double room) - 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners at hotel - 3 packed lunches - English guided visit of Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte with street food! - English guide for 2 full days hiking - Public transport pass for 3 days Not included: - Packed Lunch Thursday (first day) - TRAIN ticket from Rome to Naples and back IMPORTANT NOTICE AND EQUIPMENT - Hiking shoes are MANDATORY) - Do not forget the packed-lunch for the first day - Do not forget a swim suite! - Be IN TIME the day of the departure, otherwise we're sorry, but we cannot wait for you. - If you are vegetarian or you suffer from food allergy/intolerance, please let us know in advance SUGGESTED TRAINS TO NAPLES FROM ROME: 1) Departure time 09:25 from Roma Termini Arrival time 10:33 at Napoli Train: FR[masked]) Departure time 10:00 from Roma Termini Arrival time 11:12 at Napoli Train: FR 9511 SUGGESTED TRAINS FROM NAPLES TO ROME: Departure time 18:31 from Napoli Arrival time 20:34 at Rome Train: Intercity 702 We will spend four fantastic days together in the amazing scenario of the island of Ischia, enjoying nature, historical sites, fresh food, and thermal water!!! SAVE THE DATE, EXPLORERS! The spots are limited!!!

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GREAT HIKING - Castel D'Asso and Bagnaccio thermal bath!

Viterbo Porta Romana

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