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Building a community to discuss and share ideas on IoT technologies, Design, Open-source, maker culture etc... Come and visit us at Casa Jasmina.

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Magic Monday #14 - Node-RED Night in collab. with Node-RED Italia on Telegram

Casa Jasmina is happy to invite everyone to the 14th Magic Monday - Let's Talk IoT meetup! How it works: 🔹 Once a month on a Monday, join us in our cozy livingroom and curl up on the couch 🔹 Meet our guests: the people behind some of the most brilliant Tech projects, startups and companies out there 🔹 Hear them tell the story behind their work 🔹 Have questions? Shoot away! 🔹 Chit-chat & networking & food & drinks This month's meetup is all about Node-RED []: the flow-based programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. Have you developed a project using Node-RED? Then Casa Jasmina is looking for you! Apply for a talk and present your Node-red based project to the community. It's going to be a Pecha-Kucha [] kind of night, so keep it short & sweet: your presentation should last 3 to 7 minutes, plus some time for Q&A. 🔹 APPLY AND PRESENT YOUR PROJECT: This event is a collaboration with the Node-Red Italia Telegram Channel []: the place where Italian Node-RED users can exchange technical support and share ideas. 🔹 INFO & LINKS: Node-RED - Join Node-RED Italia on Telegram - What's a Pecha Kucha? -

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