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Golang Serbia meetup #7 - Extending Kubernetes in Go

Startit Centar Beograd

Our September meetup features Boban Acimovic, DevOps engineer and Open Source enthusiast from Munich, who will be speaking about extending Kubernetes in Go. The program starts at 6:00 PM. _____________________________________ # Talk: „Extending Kubernetes in Go” Kubernetes is a very powerful container orchestrator having hundreds of really cool features, but you still may need to extend it for your particular use case. Go is your best bet to develop a cool extension because Kubernetes itself is written in Go. For some kinds of extensions, Go is also the only option. In this meetup, we will have a practical approach to this topic, with live coding and examples of k8s extensions. Boban is DevOps engineer and Open Source enthusiast since 1999. Someone may know him as the owner of former discussion board, but these days he freelances in Go and K8S based projects in Germany, primarily in Munich. _____________________________________ We will be awarding tickets and 30 % discount code for GoLab ( conference at this event. One more reason to join us ;) Make sure to join our slack channel See you there!

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