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Sometimes women connect in a unique way when it's just us ladies! There are some great mixed groups for the international community in Milan, but this one is for just making female friends.

Our group is different from the meetup other groups in Milan:

1. We are all women!

2. We encourage members to schedule their own meetups. This leads to more frequent, diverse events. If you want to organize an event, you can do it easily on the main page. Please message me so I can give you the ability to edit that event! (It's fun and the **fastest way to meet people.**)

3. We treat event hosts like we would our friends. That means for small events with reservations, we keep our RSVP up to date.

Whether you're new to Milan or simply open to making new friends, join us at aperitivo, dinner, or cultural events around the city, and meet other interesting women in the area! English speakers are encouraged to join, but Italian speakers are also welcome (most of us want to practice our Italian, too).

(Please note: we do not allow solicitations, sales pitches, or sponsored events.)

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