Checklist of best practices for running Java applications in modern environments

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Title: “Checklist of best practices for running Java applications in modern environments”

Abstract: Java applications are heavily used in IT companies and they are often installed in legacy systems. In this talk, we will discuss about the checklist to follow to modernize Java applications, by running them inside containers in a Kubernetes cluster.
We will look at topics like resources management, java class data sharing, observability and more.

Join us to learn about:
- What are the challenges of running containerized Java applications
- How to optimize Java applications for Kubernetes
- How to monitor and observe the JVM in a Kubernetes cluster


Michele Buccarello - Enterprise Kubernetes Architect @SIGHUP

Michele Buccarello is a Kubernetes Enterprise Architect at SIGHUP and IBM Champion focusing on Application Modernization and designing the journey to the cloud. Passionate about service mesh topics!

Simone Messina - DevOps engineer @SIGHUP

Simone is a DevOps engineer specialized in Kubernetes. Working in enterprise environments, he is always in contact with different tools and systems. Member of team DevOps in SIGHUP, he helps companies adopt cloud native technologies.

The Meetup will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Many of SIGHUP's team members and friends will attend the meetup from our Headquarters in Milan (Via Caldera 21). Anyone wishing to join us will be welcome, we'll be waiting for you with pizza & cold beers!
Please let us know in advance if you would like to join us by email to [masked]
We kindly remind you that the green pass will be mandatory.