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The Digital Paradox: Loneliness in an online world - A Coffee Social
Come and join us for a coffee social! This week's topic of discussion is the digital paradox -- loneliness in an online world. How do you stay and feel connected IRL (in real life) when so much of daily life is happening online? This will be a great chance for members of Nice Nomads in and around Nice to meet other entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who are interested in setting up a business. 1€ each for participation. Please also buy a coffee from the bar. *Only RSVP if you're sure you can make it* Looking forward to seeing you then! Join the Nice Nomads community on Facebook:

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Digital Nomads ( work remotely, either from home, coffee shops, co-working spaces, or public libraries etc, using laptops and the internet instead of the traditional stationary workplace.

Nice Nomads ( include freelancers, contractors, telecommuters, entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed.

This is not a co-working group—we don't work alongside each other with laptops—but rather we meet to chat about projects, share ideas, exchange insights, address challenges, and potentially offer mutual feedback on projects.

The following list of subjects and activities is a work in progress. Feel free to make suggestions:

• Starting a business in France: the auto-entrepreneur, funding, overcoming barriers.

• How to hire and manage staff remotely.

• The sharing economy and the future of work.

• Startups: bootstrapping and investors.

• Improve your sales pitch through practicing and trying out on others.

• Peer-review each other's written material: websites, blogs, eBooks, newsletters, emails.

• Gain new skills: tools, design, communication, online learning.

• Work practices or "hacks": motivation, goals and milestones.

• Internet culture and the effective use of social media platforms.

• Suggested reading and watching: blogs, books, articles, videos, keynote talks, online lectures.

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