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Weekly Tuesday Evening Ride, Advanced

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This is our weekly Tuesday advanced evening ride, taking place all year round

Time of Departure: We vary the departure time throughout the year to optimize with the available light, so do check the current time each week. We generally leave around 18:30 and do depart promptly, so please come on time to avoid missing the group.

Place of Departure: We leave from the start of the Arrabassada. On a few occasions we may select a different location depending on the route and will announce this beforehand, so please do check before joining.

Level of the Rides: These are advanced rides and only suitable for fit riders who are riding regularly. If you have doubts, please contact the organizer. The amount of climbing can be significant/steep and the pace is high. 28-30kph average including climbs for the entire ride or a bit slower if there are many/hard climbs. The rides are "spirited group rides" with friendly competition especially on the climbs. On the flat sections and descents we ride as one group, with generally the stronger riders taking the front allowing others to draft. On the climbs the group does generally break up and we regroup at the top of each climb. So do make sure you understand where we will wait when we start a climb so you don’t get lost if you are at the back. If you are turning back at some point during the ride, please do let someone know, so the group does not need to wait unnecessarily.Although we wait at the top of the climbs, we will limit the amount of waiting to about 5min max and may proceed if the gap is too large. Also, if we do see someone struggling with the pace of difficulty, the organizer may discuss for the rider to return independently. If you are struggling or have a technical issue, do notify someone in the group. Although we avoid dropping riders, if we are unsure where someone left the group, we may not be able to wait.

Routes: Routes get announced at the meeting point before departure.
There are a few different routes we take depending on how people feel and who comes out but a typical summer ride is 40-60km, taking around 2 hours with 3ish Collserola climbs (which tend to be between 4-6km long each). Occasionally we will mix things up and do a Maresme ride departing from Hotel Arts or a ride from Montjuic.

During the darker months of the year (Nov-Feb), we ride challenging city routes with very steep climbs on quiet and well-lit neighborhood streets above Ronda de Dalt or flat rides near the airport and Zona Franca.

Beers afterwards on occasion, suffering usually, and fun always.

See you there!

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Barcelona Road Cycling Group
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