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Musica, Musica

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Musica, Musica


April has become our music meetup. We’ve listened to pop, opera, pop-opera, kids songs, sports chants, traditional songs, top 40, rap, etc. We've also had live music! It’s always a fun and educational evening.

Bring an Italian song to share with the group. We’ll use the share screen function on Zoom so you can play a song from your device via iTunes or pull it up on YouTube or another site. When sharing your screen be sure to have your song/iTunes/app/website open beforehand. Check the "share sound" box in the lower left corner of the share window.

We’ll listen to the song in Italian, go over the words and phrases, talk about the vocabulary, and read the lyrics if available. Be sure your selection is in Italian and not a dialect.

Once you register you will find the Zoom link on the event page.

Buon ascolto!

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Italian Meetup
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