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My name is Scott Hendison, and I was asked by the OCCA to do a sort of "all encompassing" internet marketing presentation, and this is what I've come up with...

I'll try to cover topics dealing with ESSENTIALS - What business owners NEED to know about internet Marketing basics, for not only their own business, but ill try to put it all in context for consultants to relate to their clients businesses also.

For organic Search I'll discuss Google, Bing, Yahoo, a lot of big picture stuff, where they've been, where they're going, etc. and I'll cover the massive algorithm shifts and changes that have taken place over the past year.

From a paid placement standpoint, I'll cover them for both Google and Bing as well as for Facebook. I'll also share some efficiency tools and options for PPC management.

I'll devote time to Facebook and Linked in, not only how to use 'em efficiently but when, and I'll touch on Twitter too, regarding how and when it's useful or important.

"Local Search" will get some coverage too, for both brick and mortar businesses and for onsite services types that don't have a customer facing location.

Overall, this is a lot to cover in just an hour, and although anyone who's seen me speak before knows that I already tend to overdo things, and try to stuff too much into each presentation... This one will be no exception!

Due to time constraints, there will be a lot of 30,000 foot level views, but I promise to make it interesting and informative with plenty of actionable takeaways and ideas, as well as resources to dig in further to a specific topic.

About Scott Hendison

As the owner of a computer & software store from 1997–2002, Scott first learned about search selling software and building a local on-site computer repair business using both Pay Per Click and organic search engine optimization.

He began working for clients in the search industry in 2002, and has been attending and speaking at national search marketing conferences since he founded Search Commander, Inc. in 2004.

Scott lives in SE Portland with his wife and two sons, and when he's not using a keyboard or cell phone, is often be found coaching kids baseball, playing racketball, snowboarding or watching tv.

About Search Commander, Inc.

Search Commander, Inc. ( is a boutique internet consulting firm specializing in organic and local search. They are also the parent company of multiple services and brands, such as:

SEO Automatic ( - an internet marketing toolset for businesses & internet marketers GetWPress ( - a Wordpress development and maintenance group PDXTC - ( Portland Technology Consultants - web hosting & technical services.