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is morality man-made? does G.Ø.D. exist? what is good?-- is there a good & bad? are there aliens? can you define spirituality? is suicide honorable? how valuable is the practical? is there anything after death? what if we're immortal? where do spirits go? is this just a game? are there such things as blessings? do you think it's time for a revolution? are there wrong interpretations? are humans at faults for what they are? who are you?


This distinct meetup is for pondering intellectuals, spirits, & souls who love knowledge, truth, questions, reasoning, curiosity, life & death. we look to those of you who hunger to embed themselves with others of the like, in communications ranging anywhere from serious dialogue over topics of philosophy, spirituality, psychology, astrology, personality-typing, science, & anything else that entices our minds.

We welcome those who are open to the real & abstract; & those who are intangibly inquisitive spirits, being more than willing to share & spread their insights in an enriching platform.


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