Marie-Cécile Paccard & Thomas di Luccio – Design for desirable futures

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Climate change, resource depletion, political mutations, how can we change the way we design to tackle the challenges coming ahead? Marie-Cécile and Thomas founded Common Future(s), an open group dedicated to supporting designers through the mutation of our practices.

2019 will be the last year that feels normal. We have entered the Anthropocene, an era where human impact became a geological force able to shape the planet, the climate and dynamics of the living.

Modern design is a direct actor in the acceleration of production and consumption cycles and has contributed to the exploitation of natural resources. We designers have often lost our link to the systemic and political aspects of our practice. Willingly or not, we have helped shape this world that finds itself on the verge of collapse.

We see in the Anthropocene a powerful invitation to tackle how we shape our daily life and future, together. We invite you for a chat about commons, community design, cooperation, resilience, open design, permaculture… We will share with you our very first version of design heuristics for a new practice of design. Let's empower ourselves with an open set of tools designed for building desirable futures. Let's reboot and rebuild sustainable and common futures.

About Marie-Cécile & Thomas

Marie-Cécile is a systemic designer, facilitator, speaker, mentor, community catalyst, intersectional ecofeminist. She manages complexity in order to understand, converge, structure and build. She gives talks and write about design and topics such as burnout or anthropocene. Their values define her practice and she favors inclusive and ethical design. For nearly 15 years, she has been helping people and organisations define their foundations and objectives and supporting them into building a consistent communication.
She's a member of the Lyon IxDA chapter and of the core team who organised Interaction 18, of Designers Lyonnais and local collaboration groups. She founded and host the Common Future[s] think tank.

Thomas is a designer, storyteller, teacher and popular education activist. He supports the design of resilient and empowering devices and systems.
He believes in a joyful, liberating and emancipatory design that gives citizens the means to build a desirable future(s).
He founded and host the Lyon Ixda chapter and the Common Future[s] think tank.

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