• World Interaction Design Day #47

    HiQ International AB

    RSVP open on EVENTBRITE, where you get the ticket that we will scan at the door. This event is in collaboration with the Interaction Design Foundation and will be lead by Hamed. Here's the link to the ticket you need: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ixdd-sweden-stockholm-lan-tickets-70978537717 About the event: We will celebrate Interaction Design Day together as a joint event in Stockholm Län. Design operates at the intersection of humanities and technology. It includes omnichannel challenges within Digitalization, CX, Innovation, Business Transformation, and last but NOT least Sustainability! Humanity entrusts the work of designers in order to function in modern society. With increasing reliance on their work, is an increasing, and ethical, responsibility for designers to put their user’s needs first. Emerging technologies like AR, VR, Voice, and AI only further complicate matters of trust in design, as we tap deeper into fundamental issues of communication and human relationships. Speakers and topics: Fueling Creativity In The Age Of AI Johan Lopes Helgesson Strategist & Technical Architect at Adobe ----------------- Reverse engineering human behaviour to increase engagement and trust – a moral dilemma? Niklas Wolkert Design Director at Swedbank ----------------- From Design Thinking to Design Deciding Hamed Yahyaei Service Designer & Design Lead - IDF Europe Manager ----------------- Design is the problem, Design is the solution Nathan Shedroff Experience design visionary and author; searching for truth in beauty Nathan Shedroff is the executive director of Seed Vault Ltd, a Singapore-based platform building an independent, trusted bot economy on the blockchain.

  • Design Democracy - Responsive Policy Making #46

    RSVP opening on November 21st at 11AM on EVENTBRITE, where you get the ticket that we will scan at the door. Here's the link to the ticket you need: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/design-democracy-responsive-policy-making-tickets-52225451732?aff=meetup About the event: How can design ways of thinking and doing contribute to rethink policy making and conventional ideas of governance? This evening we want to explore the role designers can play in guiding the transition of our public institutions towards more adaptive configurations, better able to respond to the changing needs of society and the controversies new technologies keep generating. What we aim for is not only a discussion about how to possibly improve governance and its services, but about what design tools and approaches might be necessary today to empower civic action, engage citizens around matters of public concerns and together shape our future. Agenda: [masked]:20 > Setting the stage: "Why is it so slow?" Innovation in public sector - Itch 18:30-18:50 > Leading the way for Smart Policy making - Jakob Hellman 19:00 - 19.30 > Staging Dialogues With Data: Attempts at making and doing direct democracy in the context of the neoliberal city - Carl di Salvo 19:30 Panel and open questions About the speakers: Jakob Hellman: Senior Public Policy Officer at Vinnova, where he leads the Smart policy development, a platform looking at new and more responsive ways to guide regulatory framework development. Carl DiSalvo: Associate professor, Georgia Institute of Technology and Author of the book Adversarial Design, DiSalvo examines the ways that technology design can provoke and engage the political.

  • The design of Physical and Digital Experiences with iZettle #45

    Tickets for the event are required via EVENTBRITE. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-design-of-physical-and-digital-experiences-with-izettle-tickets-51207400714?aff=meetup RSVP opens on Wednesday 17th October at 11AM. _______________________________________________________________________________________ The pervasive diffusion of digital technologies in any aspect of our every day lives is today blurring the boundaries between digital and physical products, different markets areas and the scale at which new digitally augmented artefacts operate. This new patterns appear to open new challenges and questions for businesses. How does that affect our discipline as designers? And their methods and approach to issues? In this 45th IxDA event we will try to address this questions and have our usual good discussion about it. Agenda: 17:30 - 18:00 - Mingle 18:00 - 18:15 - IxDA Updates 18:15 - 18:30 - Björn Simonson, Head of Product Design at iZettle 18:30 - 19:00 - Amanda and Liza, "New realities of industrial design" 19:15 - 19:45 - Jinjae and Trieuvy, "Prototyping Futures" 19:45 - 20:00 - TBC

  • Design Ops with Klarna #44


    RSVP ONLY ON EVENTBRITE RSVP OPEN ON SEPTEMBER 19 AT 10 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/design-operations-with-klarna-tickets-49979021599?aff=meetup What makes an effective design practice? Regardless of how they operate even the most successful design teams run into problems of scale, complexity, and scope. Establishing a design culture and practice becomes a top priority for design and business leaders across the industry. Our practice is a powerful tool to help teams engage better and have more meaningful impact. What designers do, how they work and why they work are not only relevant to the designers themselves, but also on how their organizations succeed. To quote Dave Malouf “DesignOps is everything that supports high quality crafts, methods, and processes” Tonight, we want to discuss what does it take to create an effective design practice. We are super excited to hear from our host Klarna and our speakers how they shaped their teams, their practices and their products. We will discuss how processes, tools, and methods all connect. RSVP ONLY ON EVENTBRITE RSVP OPEN ON SEPTEMBER 19 AT 10 AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/design-operations-with-klarna-tickets-49979021599?aff=meetup

  • Design Systems with Alchemy #43


    RSVP FOR TICKETS ON EVENTBRITE ON THURSDAY THE 14th AT 10AM https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ixda-design-systems-with-alchemy-43-tickets-46851599395?aff=meetup Thanks to successful examples like AirBnB’s “Painting with Code” and “Material Design” from Google, “Design Systems” are a very trendy toolkits these days. One of reasons behind this popularity is that they help companies to massively simplify the management and scale of software development. They do so by deconstructing visual languages into a set of adaptable and reusable code and components, making them easily accessible to often-scattered development teams. In this IxDA Stockholm event, our guests will help us to articulate what problems configuring and maintaining a Design Systems actually entails and how to possibly address them. We’ll soon discover that, after all, designers have always been concerned with ‘scale’ and ‘systemic issues’. What’s new is how we apply this knowledge to our current practice and its digital products. AGENDA 17:30 Doors Open 18:00 IxDA Introduction 18:10 Anatoly Gromov – Why bother? A sneak peak into Design Systems foundation 18:30 Graciela Hernández – Designing Systems from a systematic thinking approach 19:00 Showcase Klarna's Design Language with Hanna Ahl Ericssons Design System with Juan Greco ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Anatoly Gromov is a design Director at Alchemy DDB. Previously he worked with Fjord and Fantasy Interactive. In his talk Anatoliy will touch upon the basics of Design System building & using, along the way with the origins and examples from bigger market players. – Graciela Hernández is a digital designer in Stockholm, and where she focuses on Design Systems and systematic thinking. Coming from Costa Rica, Graciela has a background in graphic design, advertising and governmental design. When creating Design Systems we hardly addressing systematic thinking as a relevant vital part of the design process. We have a responsibility as designers/ developers to understand What are the interdependencies that we are missing and how we can map an outcome that is not only relevant in the technical standardisation of our products/services but as well in the governance within the collaboration needed for implementation and maintenance.

  • #42 May meet at Backelite

    Needs a location

  • #42 May Meetup with Backelite

    Needs a location

    Tickets open on May 8 11 AM https://goo.gl/uHtdsk When do you know enough to work with your project? Even though is a fundamental part of our practice, research is still a hot topic: do we know enough? Are talking to the right people? What will we get? Can we do that in two days? These changes in the rhythm and environment of our work makes it more challenging than ever to allocate space, time and resources for research. Even with those, creating a shared understanding of the tools, the foundational knowledge and lenses that research brings to design. Today we want to explore the tension between being a researcher and a designer: how to move faster and with confidence; how to keep biases in checks and how to discern what is a finding, an insight and an opportunity.

  • #41 - Ethical Design with Daresay

    SUP 46

    RSVP opens on Thursday 5th April at 13:00 on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/41-ethical-design-with-daresay-tickets-44601985740?aff=Meetup

  • #40 Improv techniques: a portal to past & future human experiences

    RSVP ON MARCH 6TH AT 11AM FROM THIS MEETUP ON, RSVP ONLY ON EVENTBRITE https://goo.gl/wkkwek • What we'll do In this interactive presentation, Brendon Clark and Josh Lenn will meet to explore the value of performance and improvisation techniques for unpacking the past and exploring the potential future in design. Improv theatre is theatre without a script. Instead, our past life experiences provide the scripts of how everyday situations can unfold, and the unknown future emerges through interaction between people & materials in specific situations. No one improvisor has full control over how a situation will unfold, rather, through interaction a scene and story emerges. The improvisational toolbox brings focus to the specifics of concrete situations, the rawness of human emotions, and the discovery of what could be through interaction. • Important to know 5:30 PM – Doors open 6:00 PM – IxDA updates 6:15 PM – Talk 7:30 PM until doors close – Network & Mingle

  • #39 February Meetup - Automated Transportation and the Urban Context with IBM

    IBM Client Center (The new location)

    • What we'll do -----RSVP OPENS FEBRUARY 1ST------ • Who will speak 0) IxDA Team updates 1) Petra Dalunde, COO Urban ICT Arena 2) Peter Hafmar CEO of Nobina Tech 3) IBM Design Team • Agenda 17:30 Doors Opening 18:30 Presentations (yes we are delaying a bit for you to arrive in time in Kista) 21:00 Doors Closing