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Izakaya Hunters; recreating Tokyo Nightlife in NYC...

Thanks for checking out this group (and joining?). I'm using the vast amount of Japanese pubs in the NYC area to recreate typical nights in Tokyo. Whats better then taking a couple hours to share some drinks and Japanese small plates and forget about the outside world with a good group? Maybe after we can belt out some tunes at a Karaoke house, or play some billiards, or go to another Izakaya?

Also, this group has become very diverse in the events we hold. Outside of weekly happy hours and weekend Izakaya hang outs we have participated in a wide variety of other cool, Japanese-centric things. Some of the events we have attended include:

Japan Block Fair

Concerts (Japanese)

Ramen Contests

Sake/Shochu Tastings

Japanese food fairs and tasting events.

Trips to the Japanese market.

Other Asian restaurants.

Izakaya crawls.

Asian film festivals.

*Anti Flake Policy* If you RSVP to an event and are a no-show, you are subject to removal from the group. It is understandable if something comes up and you cannot make it, but when this happens, please either email the organizer or change your status on the event page to "not attending."

*About Izakayas*


Past events (363)

Last Hurrah for Uminoie

Umi No Ie

Drinking Japan: a tasting tour of Japanese Drinks

Brooklyn Kura

Sakaya Book Signing & Tasting (and after party)
Lets Steak!

Ikinari Steak East Village

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