For people in the Sussex area with an interest in Japan. We meet up regularly, go on day-trips together, eat noodles together, and even occasionally sit in the park drinking beer together. There is no Japanese language requirement.


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Shimaguni School


2 Cultures Divided by 1 Language 🇬🇧🇺🇸(CONTINUED) 一つの言語によって分かたれてしまった二つの文化 What are the main differences between British English and American English? イギリス英語とアメリカ英語の大きな違いはなんなのでしょう? What aspects in phonology and accents make British and American so distinct from one another? 単語を発音する際の音の違いやアクセントの位置の違いで、イギリス英語とアメリカ英語は全く異なって聞こえます。どんな風に違うのでしょう? “I want to speak British English!” 「イギリス英語をしゃべりたい!」 At this special event, you can learn the key differences between British and American English. You can learn some common British English phrases that confuse Americans. Then we can practice using these phrases. 今回のスペシャルイベントでは、よくアメリカ人を混乱させてしまうイギリス英語のフレーズなどのイギリス英語とアメリカ英語の大きな違いが学べます。また、これらのフレーズを実際に使う練習もします。 For example, expressions such as HAVE a shower/HAVE a coffee (not take), Have you got 50p (not do you have) ? 例えば、こんなイギリス英語の表現があります: Take a shower/coffee の代わりにHave a shower/coffeeを使う Do you have 50p?ではなく、Have you got 50p?になる Unusual use of words such as 耳慣れないワードもあります。 I RECKON it will rain tomorrow. I FANCY a cup of tea. Reckon? Fancy?日本で習ったアメリカ英語にはありませんでした。 And not using expressions like Did you eat ALREADY? そして、Did you eat ALREADY?などの表現は使いません! Of course, you don’t need to follow all the rules of British English, but it is helpful to know some of them! もちろん、イギリス英語のルールを全て守らないといけないわけではありません。でもいくつか知っておくことは決して損にはなりません!

🍣 🍂 Autumn SUSHI Workshop  手巻き寿司

Shimaguni School


A new sushi workshop this summer at our Shimaguni school! We will provide all the fresh ingredients and the bamboo makisu (rolling mats) for making the sushi rolls. Hide-san, an experienced sushi workshop leader and the manager of the Kantenya Japanese food store, will show us how to make the rolls. After we have made the sushi rolls, we can enjoy them together with fresh green tea at Shimaguni. PARTCIPATION FEE £15 pounds (for advance payment). £18 pounds on the day. みんなで巻きましょう。参加型イベントです。 手巻き寿司の食材などを用意しておきます。今回かんてんや のヒデさんが巻き方のコツを教えてくれます。 参加費は前払いの場合が15ポンドです。当日払いが18ポンドです。ご参加希望の方にお支払い方法を送らせていただきます。

🇯🇵 Bunka-bu - 文化部

Shimaguni School


Brighton Japan Club's first Bunka-bu - 文化部 -- Was it Haiku? Or Shodo? Chado? Kabuki? Ikebana? The 'floating world' of Hokusai or Hiroshige? Was it Enka? Or J-pop? Seven Samurai? Godzilla? The Ring? Was it Spirited Away? Or Akira? Your Name? The Girl Who Leapt Through Time? Was it Pokemon? Or Power Rangers? Sailor Moon? My Hero Academia? One Piece? Naruto? Dragon Ball? What was it that inspired you to learn the most difficult language for native English speakers (according to the US Foreign Service Institute)? Brighton Japan Club Bunka-bu (文化部 - Culture Department) is here to explore – and celebrate – all aspects of Japanese culture, be they traditional culture (伝統文化) or popular culture (大衆文化). Our first meeting will focus on popular culture, so please join us to discuss your favourite anime, manga, film, j-pop artist or computer game. Each person will have 5 minutes to talk about their passion, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. (You are welcome to attend and not give a talk - please say so in the comments below, as we'll assume participants do want to talk) £4 participation fee. (Cash please! Sorry we can't accept cards)

🎏 🎎 Japanese Cultural Festival 文化祭

Brighthelm Centre


We have been invited to run a stall at this November's Japanese Cultural Festival held by the Ohisama Ahaha Group for Children. We plan to hold free mini Japanese lessons at the event. We also plan to have a few books to sell and possibly some free origami. Please come over and say hello. There are live performances, various activities to do and plenty of Japanese food on sale. This year the location is at the Brighthelm Centre - just 5 minues from Shimaguni. £1 Entrance fee.

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