[Tokyo] Kita-Ku Fireworks Display 北区花火大会
Key Info Event: Kita-Ku Fireworks Display 2018 北区花火大会2018 Meeting time & place: Kawaguchi Motogou Station, Exit 1 Fireworks Time: 19:00~19:50 Number of fireworks: 7,777発 Level of crowding: Extremely low Viewing distance: Close-to-extremely-close (up to about 150m) URL: http://www.hanabi-kita.com/ The Kita-ku show is still a 'young' show (this is year 8) and it's always been quite late in the season. It's still a relatively little known show but publicity around it has been growing (e.g. in Jorudan's coverage). But I think this year will still be nice and quiet (until the fireworks start) in our spot, so I especially recommend this event for anyone who wants to see a big, intense show from up close without needing to deal with any crowding. 北区花火大会はたぶん東京周辺で最後の(割と)大型大会です。この大会自体はまだ6歳ぐらいと思うです、年を取ると大きくなっているらしい。去年の発の数は6000発のに対して、今年は7777発まで成長するらしい。 Though this is the 'Kita-ku' show, we will watch from the Kawaguchi side of the Arakawa since it's a million times less crowded and, so far, it's been possible to get much closer to launching point by walking up to the riverbank. 「北区」の大会と言っても、荒川の向こう側の埼玉の川口から観るつもりです。向こう側は普段相当空いている。本当に花火があるのか疑うほど人が少ないところです(普段、約束はしない)。でも、自分の好みであれば、大体花火の真下にも自由に行ける。 On this occasion, I've set an early meeting time to give members time to relax, picnic, talk, etc. before the show (we don't always get much time for that). But, as usual, you can join when you like, the area we'll be in is shown below. 今回の早い集合時間は花火の前にメンバー同士でゆったり過ごせる時間を与えるためです。でも、あとで来たいならそれでも大丈夫。場所の案内は下記に。 We will be meeting at Kawaguchi-Motogou station at 17:00, exit 1 at street level, and head towards the viewing point from about 17:10. It'll be a 25 minute walk. 集合は川口元郷駅で、17時に。約10分後観賞場所に向かうつもりです。25分程度の歩き。 There is one conbini nearby (7-11) but no other stalls/shops nearby, so please bear that in mind. It may be best to get any food/drinks beforehand. The 7-11 will also be the only toilet nearby. 観賞場所の周辺には、コンビニ一店あるが、それ以外の出店・屋台などは普通にないと思うので、気をつけてください。トイレもその7-11. Our main spot will be in the area around this marker: If you come later, please try to make your way to the area indicated above. The Google Maps link is: https://goo.gl/maps/9hATwS6iza72 If it rains, I may change the meeting time, but I probably won't cancel this meetup unless the fireworks are cancelled too. Note for Photographers (non-photographers can disregard) Our main viewing spot will be about 300m from the launching area and be on raised ground. So, mid/wide lenses should be fine, but you'll probably need a wide lens if you choose to go up to the riverbank. The (probable) lack of people means you will have more freedom to move about if you want to capture a different perspective.

Kawaguchi Motogou Station(川口元郷駅)

Kawaguchi-shi · さいたま市



This is a group for lovers of fireworks - big ones, little ones, handheld, fountains, it's all good! There will be meetups for fireworks events in and around Kanto region. Of course, summer is the 'busy' season, but shows happen all year round and we'll occasionally do our own events, so the group should always be active.

Additionally, I'd like to welcome any practicing photographers to the group. We will also occasionally have photo-related meetups, of course for fireworks, but also nature, night, light painting, etc. I'm just an 'advanced beginner' at best so let's learn and practice together!

This is a casual meetup, so you do not need to be super serious about fireworks or photography to take part. If the event looks fun to you, feel free to join.




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