The Kuala Lumpur Hiking and Trail Running Meetup Group is established with the purpose of finding like minded individuals who enjoy going out for the purpose of getting/staying fit and enjoying nature. This group was not so much about the activity being a social gathering, but about getting some serious exercise on a regular basis.

Although the initial plan was to organise interesting hikes in hilly terrain that will take up to a full day within two hours drive from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, our hikers are now expanding their views. New hiking venues, in other states and even other countries, are now presented and explored.

Meetup KL Hiking is organising events for all levels of hikers, from sheer beginners to experienced trailblazers. It is highly recommended to read the write-up very carefully and to understand the rating of a hike (http://www.meetup.com/KLhiking/pages/Hiking_rates_%28revised_1st_May_2013%29/).

The rating system allows you to judge whether or not this hike will be too difficult for you.

Generally I'll do a survey hike before scheduling an event, so I know what to expect for the hikes which are organised. During the hike I focus very much on group dynamics, and it's a rule of thumb that nobody will be left behind. We're all links in the hiking chain and nobody is more or less important than anybody else... For every hike, I will be the last one to leave the venue in order to be sure that everybody made it out safely. Creating an adventurous but most of all a safe hiking experience is my goal.

For every event you will find specific instructions in the write-up. Every event has a MUST READ link to a Knowledge Base. Pay special attention to the topic "What is the procedure for this event...?"

There are some basic elements:

wear shoes with profile (a pattern on the soles to prevent slipping and gliding); adidas kampung is good to start with...
wear suitable and comfortable clothing (will get dirty...)
bring appropriate shoes for river crossings, if any
carry a proper backpack
rain gear is recommended
pack your valuables in plastic bags (mobile phone, camera, etc)
be prepared for the unexpected (first aid kit, whistle, emergency blanket, headlamp, gps,...)
leave a towel and some dry clothes in the car
bring something warm to wear at the top if your hike is a climb
a pair of gloves doesn't weigh that much (thorns, roots, trees, mud)
if you are comfortable using a walking stick, bring it along
bring enough snacks (carbohydrates) and drinks; 0.5 litre for each hour hike is normal
mosquito repellent and leech protection is recommended
please be responsible and don't litter – be sure not to leave any rubbish along the track

It should not be necessary to highlight certain common sense behaviour, but I do it anyway in order to avoid any misunderstandings:

All participants will respect each other's background, religion, race, complexion, etc and will try their utmost not to offend anyone with their behaviour. This would include bringing alcoholic drinks to the events and taking showers on public roads.

Although English is not the mother tongue for almost all members, I'm sure we all can refrain from using insulting words and expressions.

While hiking we respect the nature surrounding us, as we are the “intruders”; the jungle doesn't belong to us. We will bring back any drinking bottles/food wrappers we used along the way. In short "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures". In this philosophy the sweeper will remove the paper markers which we lay for participants to follow.

The Meetup website is publicly accessible. So don't post any phone numbers or e-mail addresses in the comment sections. We only mention mobile phone numbers on the carpooling list, which can only be accessed by the participants of a particular hike. The same goes for the carpooling link. Let's keep it private as we don't want anybody else than our hikers to make alterations to the list, do we?

This group has no commercial agenda. There will be neither membership fees nor fees to join an event. Entrance or permit fees to enter certain venues will be specified in the write-up of the event and are to be paid individually to the respective authorities. Expenses for events that come with a price tag like camping trips, coach travel, hikes abroad, etc. will be shared by the participants for that particular event.

If an event host is asking you to answer some questions during the confirmation process, please do so. And be sure you answer them completely. This will make the pre-organisation of a hike smoother.

Normally, for every event carpooling is recommended. If there's a carpooling list, passengers have to look for and contact a driver in their neighbourhood to make the necessary arrangements; not the other way around! Carpooling is by no means taxi service... Carpooling fees are settled directly between driver and passenger.

If you're interested to participate for an event, you click RSVP Yes on the event page(s) of your choice. Although every event page contains a link to a registration form (https://form.jotformpro.com/71381607577968), only the very first time you participate you have to fill in this form. For most other events it will be sufficient to RSVP Yes, unless specified otherwise. If there are any changes in your particulars, kindly submit the Update form (https://form.jotformpro.com/71381889577980).

If you RSVP "Yes" you make a commitment. Do realise that! You are expected to show up for the event and to show up on time. We pay attention to hikers who simply don't show up for an event. Serial no show offenders will be removed as a member.

There will be no waiting for people who are late at the specified meetup location. If you change your mind about attending, or you are unable to participate, you are expected to change your RSVP status before the event, otherwise it will result in a no show on your profile.

Before an event starts you will receive a laminated card with a number. Your name is listed with that number. After the hike you will return the card at the designated place so the event host knows that you returned safely to the car park. Do NOT forget to return your card.

Although there are no fees, there will be a penalty of RM20 however in the following cases:

If you join an event and are not a KL Hiking member
If you didn't submit the registration form prior to your first participation
If you forget to sign in/sign out on the event day - which is actually done with the numbered card.
If you are being listed as a Now Show for three events

You are attending the hikes/runs at your own risk. The event host will try his/her best to assist and guide, but is in no way responsible, liable or accountable for any damage, personal injuries, death, etc. By clicking RSVP “Yes” for an event and/or signing the attendance list and/or making a payment, it is deemed that you have read, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of the disclaimer which can be found here: Disclaimer (http://www.meetup.com/KLhiking/pages/Disclaimer)

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Gosaikunda Trek (Helambu/Langtang Region - Nepal) - 9D/8N - Rating: Moderate


MUST READ - Important Guidelines (such as Participation Form, Membership Form, Pricing, Meet-up place for this event): https://goo.gl/AU4ajj You do not need to register or log in to have access to the Knowledge Base. Please make sure you go through the topics in the guidelines before clicking Yes/Going for this event and before posting any questions in the comment section. Minimum number of participants: 10 ~ (6 confirmed at the moment) We are looking for passionate hikers who have the intention of joining us; we're not interested in "maybes" or "wannabes"... Gosaikunda Lake is one of the most famous religious and pilgrimage sites of Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 4380m and is surrounded by peaks in Langtang National Park. This fascinating beauty along with the traditional civilization of Tamang people and their culture make this Gosaikunda trek one of a kind. The trek is not too strenuous, at an altitude between 2000 and 4000m asl. Only one day we will pass the 4000m mark when crossing the Laurebina Pass. Usually we hike about five to six hours a day, from guesthouse to guesthouse. The trek itself will take six days and leads us through forests of pine trees, bamboos, and rhododendrons. Once in the open you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of some of the highest mountains in the world: Manaslu (8163m), Langtang Lirung (7227m), and others of the Ganesh Himal range (7000+m).

Everest Base Camp EBC & Gokyo Trek (Nepal) - 18D/17N - Rating: Hard

Tribhuvan International Airport

MUST READ - Important Guidelines (such as Participation Form, Membership Form, Pricing, Meet-up place for this event): https://goo.gl/3QyKLC You do not need to register or log in to have access to the Knowledge Base. Please make sure you go through the topics in the guidelines before clicking Yes/Going for this event and before posting any questions in the comment section. We are looking for passionate hikers who have the intention of joining us; we're not interested in "maybes" or "wannabes"... The name Mount Everest seems to have a magic spell on most hikers. Although base camp (5,486m asl) is still more than 3,300 meters lower than Everest's actual summit, it's as close as we hikers can get without having to resort to mountain or alpine climbing equipment. This will be an event during which we will be amidst the pinnacles of the Himalayas for 16 days. We will spend the first night in Kathmandu in order to take a morning flight to Lukla (2,886m asl). After arriving in Lukla we'll take the bull straight by the horns and commence our 16 day trekking. We will hike directly in the direction of Everest Base Camp, passing the initial base camp in Gorakshep, where we are supposed to arrive on day 9. After our visit to EBC we crank up the volume a little bit more and push ourselves to Kala Patthar (5,545m asl), the highest point of our trek. Instead of returning the same way, we turn towards the icy trails of the Chola pass and the Gokya lakes. After the rest day in Gokyo we descend once more to an altitude which is similar to the one of EBC, heading for Gokyo Ri (5,483m asl). Then we start our gradual descent towards Lukla, tackling the multiple ups and downs along the trail. We realise that this trek can be done in a much shorter time, but we don't want to take any chances. We have built in three acclimatisation/rest days and hopefully this way we can avoid that any of us will be plagued with mountain sickness. The itinerary is such that it should help us to acclimatise during the trek and the elevation gain per day remains below 700 meters. The total hiking time per day varies and depends greatly on the individual participant, but someone with a decent fitness level will need to hike maximum six to seven hours a day. Only the trek to EBC itself might require an additional hour.

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