Introduction to REACT (beginners workshop)


Disclaimer: this is a workshop for React true beginners. If you are already confident with the below notions, we encourage you to check "React Hack Tokyo (".


This workshop was originally mainly aimed at our bootcamp students but we decided to open a few seats to the public. Come and experience Le Wagon from the inside!

React has been getting tremendous popularity within startups but can still seem intimidating for new developers. Its environment is rich, constantly being updated and offers new syntaxes.

In this beginner-friendly session, Francisco Presencia (, teacher at Le Wagon and JS specialist, will be introducing the following notions:


• React introduction

• Create React App

• JSX Syntax

• Properties

• State

• Events

All of this while making a simple chat app with the components Chat (general one), MessageList and WriteMessage.


• You'll need to know the basics of ES6 ( before coming, including: arrow functions, import/export, classes...

• Bring your laptop!


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