Data Science for Beginners - Workshop




What are the most common tools to get started with Data Science? What is a dataset, where to find them and how to clean them? How to use visualization and data manipulation to address business problems?

For this workshop, we're extremely happy to welcome Fabian, who has over 10 years of engineering experience as a researcher, founder and freelancer in Tokyo.

In this workshop, Fabian will be presenting how to:
- Use Jupyter Notebook and Python applied to Data Science
- Find, download and open a dataset
- Explore data through charting
- Build a model to address specific business issues

- This is an interactive workshop, please bring your laptop!
- Basic knowledge of Python or other programming languages


About Fabian Dubois

Fabian has over 10 years of engineering experience in the fields of IoT and robotics as a researcher, founder and freelancer in Tokyo.
After working as a research engineer for a large French telecom company, Fabian went on and co-founded Locarise, providing analytics solutions for retail businesses. Locarise was selected for the Open Network Lab startup acceleration program and is still actively serving customers to this day.
Following that experience, he has been working as a freelance engineer specialized in data visualization and data science, on projects ranging from transportation, elderly care or space robotics. Over the past two years, he has been developing solutions for energy issues related to electricity distribution and production.

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