This group is for anyone who is a food lover:) We take you to some out of the mainstream restaurants, bar and pubs to taste the best of what Osaka has to offer!! Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, British, Morrocan, Korean etc. food will be on the list. We do this at very resonable charge so come and join us when your free:) Over a great meal you can converse with like minded people from all over the world and create great long lasting friendships. Thanks for visiting this page and hope to soon you over a nice freshly cooked, sublime meal:) Andrew

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Free international exchange event with Mini 4WD Building!

Xavier Park

無料国際交流会ウィズミニ四駆作り! This fun international event will take place in the history rich Xavier Park in Sakai! この楽しい交流会は歴史の深いザビエル公園で行います! Organized by Sakai Takaishi JC, a non-profit organization, we're hoping to introduce various cultures to this area & bring together people from around the world to share ideas and learn from each other whilst enjoying various activities, also suitable for families, on the day. 堺高石JCというボランティア青年の団体が主催をして頂いてる交流会です。家族でも楽しめるアクティビティを通して、地域に様々な文化を紹介して、世界中からの考え方などを共有できる機会を作りたいと思います! ****What・なに?**** ★Mini 4WD building! 交流ミニ四駆作り ★International exchange including quiz 国際交流・クイズ ★Simple English lessons 簡易英会話教室 ★“Soumen” noodles, Tapioca Juice, Taiwan Shaved Ice 納涼流しそうめん・タピオカジュー ス・台湾かき氷 ****Who・対象?**** Adults, kids, families of any country is absolutely welcome! Kids & adults can enjoy the activities on offer, including Mini 4WD building! どこの国の人でも、大人、子供、家族でも、どなたでも大歓迎です!子供〜大人まで、ミニ四駆作りをはじめ、交流しながら色々を楽しんでもらいましょう! ****Reception・受付**** Make sure you say code “OMG” at the reception! 受付でOMGというコードを伝えて頂けば助かります!

🥂20 TYPES OF CRAFT BEER & IPA: 2.5hrs ONLY 2500yen!!🥂


日本語下にある。このイベントは英語話さなくていいよ。英語いらん(笑) Welcome to "The Craft Beer Session" 20 types of craft beer (includes IPA)....YES 20 TYPES from many countries in the world. You want something a bit special? Every Sunday (after you've been working damn hard for the whole week) we will have this event..... We will change the menu selection every week, having 6 types of delicious craft beer:) "The Craft Beer Session" Just 2500yen for 2.5 HOURS ALL YOU CAN DRINK of delicious IPA and Craft beer PLUS B.Y.O. Food...... you can bring ANY type of food in to this establishment:) Great tasting beer.....for a very discounted price just for us. LIST OF CRAFT BEERクラフトビールの種類: *DCH Premium Rich Ale *Yona Yona *After Dark *Aooni *Hime White *Grand Kirin IPA *Far East Tokyo IPA *Brooklyn Defender IPA *Brooklyn Lager *Nest Beer Yuzu Lager *Jazz Berry *On The Cloud *Snowbland *Far East Tokyo White *Nest Beer: Daidai Ale *Show Blanche *Suiyoubi no Neko *Grand Kirin JPL *Copeland *Snowbland *Brooklyn Summer Ale Who誰: Everybody 皆さん Whenいつ: 6:30pm~9pm Whereどこ: Tonbori Base (5mins walk from Namba station, near the Dotonbori River) Tonbori Base Bar linkとんぼりベースバーのリンク: https://goo.gl/maps/tY5CQdhLax5gMCbA6 The Craft Beer Sessionへようこそ:) 2時間半クラフトビール飲み放題やります。 平日によく働いてたでしょう。日曜日に一緒にゆっくり美味しいビールを飲みましょう。 2500円だけかかる。高級なビールなのに、激安いやな~。 20個種類があって、毎週毎週違う6個種類選ばれて、皆さんが味わいます。 *食べ物の持ち込みは全然大丈夫です。 よろしく~~:)

🏮 Deep Backstreet Osaka Walk 🏮

Daikokucho Station (Midosuji Line (2 mins from Namba)

*このツアーはずっと英語で歴史を説明します。 NOTE: If you are a Meetup member YOU GET A 2800 YEN DISCOUNT. YES, 2800yen discount!!!:). SO YOU PAY HALF PRICE!! (Other people who visit our website directly pay 5600yen) *We are rated #1 on Trip Advisor in the whole of Osaka (& Kansai) for "Nightlife" "Tours", "Night Tours", "Food & Drink", "Walking Tours", "City Tours", "Food Tours" in Osaka. See our Trip Advisor page: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g14127654-d14911788-Reviews-Backstreet_Osaka_Tours-Naniwa_Osaka_Osaka_Prefecture_Kinki.html This event is every night of the year!!! BUT we only offer it on Meetup when we need to fill up a tour. Please see our website: http://www.backstreetosakatours.com NOTE: These tours are for SMALL groups (max of 12 ppl) TOUR HIGHLIGHTS ・Delve into a network of old, twisting, narrow alleys full of character ・Visit the exciting retro zone with all it's charms & quirks ・Explore a unique, historical red light district ・Taste testing at two different local street stalls ・Historic facts of a region controlled by the yakuza ・Venture into the intriguing ghetto area with a controversial past PLEASE LOOK AT OUR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS TOURS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1925004241085173 These are the incredible Backstreet Osaka Tours of the ghetto, retro zone, yakuza, redlight district, illegal gambling dens and the neighbourhood alleys. During the tour you’ll do some taste testing at two different street stalls. We strive to show you the authentic Osaka on this night tour, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing city visiting some heritage architecture which is steeped in history & some run down, derelict areas too…not what Osaka Tourism wants you to see! Get an inside look with one of our bilingual tour guides: Andy (who is half Japanese & half Australian), Rutti (American), Tony (half Japanese & half American), Bennet (NZ) . All have an extensive knowledge of the Osaka region and can answer all your queries on this walking tour. WHAT WE’LL EXPLORE! We will show you the hidden gems that you would never find without us. 1. Night Ghetto walk: run down warehouse areas, quaint back streets & arcades 2. Learn about the Osakan night culture: off the beaten path best eateries & bars 3.Visit the underground gambling dens: Majong, Go & Shogi 4. Take a glimpse at the lost homeless regions: respectfully & never staring. 5. Red Light district tour: witness a region controlled by the infamous yakuza 6. See bizarre only in Japan establishments. Quirks & superstitions 7. Traverse the unmissable winding, narrow alleys 8. Set foot in Osaka’s most important, but unknown, shrine. Rituals explained 9. Discover & understand the runnings & loopholes of the pachinko palours FOOD: Included in the cost is taste testing at 2 different delicious stalls. THE TOUR FEE IS ONLY 2800yen through this Meetup page (Includes a Professional guided tour, guide through the winding alleys, ghetto, Retro and Red Light district and taste testing at 2 different local stalls). PAYMENT: PLEASE PAY IN ADVANCE ON THIS SITE: http://ptix.at/nDE5Br CHOOSE THE DISCOUNTED TICKET THAT SAYS: "FRIEND OF TOUR GUIDE"....it is only 2800yen (a discount of 2800yen!!! 50% off normal ticket price). NOTE: Half of our guests are female...yes half!! .......as they know it's their only chance to ever visit these areas! MEET UP LOCATION: Daikokucho Station, Exit 1 at 5:30pm. Meet at the top of the stairs near the convenience store. (NOTE: I'm sorry but we will depart sharply at 5:35pm) DIRECTION:Hop in to the Midosuji Subway Line (Red Line). Get off at Daikokucho and head to exit 1. MEDIA COVERAGE: Featured on 6 newspaper articles & sites around the world (Australia to as far away as Poland). Link to an internet article about our tour: http://www.traveller.com.au/japan-osaka-shinsekais-history-as-a-new-world-fades-into-gritty-realism-h1dr7g Attendees (5)


日本語下にある。このイベントは英語話さなくていいよ。英語いらん(笑) Wednesday partyyy....... 3 HOURS ALL YOU CAN DRINK ( EVERYTHING but no beer) PLUS FOOD (Gyoza, fried chicken, American dog & more...come early and you'll get a lot) ALL FOR ONLY 1300yen....what a bargain!!!!!!!!!! AND we will provide Hawaiian Leis:) If you want beer come to our EVERY Sunday Craft Beer Event: https://www.meetup.com/oppleosaka/events/262971918/ PHOTOS FROM LAST WEEK: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2282077352044525 Types of alcohol: Spirits, Cocktails, Rum, Mixed drinks, Shochuu, Wine, Sake, softdrinks, tea......EVERYTHING BUT Beer!:) We start at 7:45pm....come early and you can get lots of food, only enough if you come early:) At the front door say "Hawaiian Party"or "Andy" and you get this HUGE discount and only pay 1300yen. 受付で「Hawaiian Part」か「Andy」だと言ったら、このすごい割引もらうよ。 Who誰: Everybody 皆さん Whenいつ: 7:45~10:45pm Whereどこ: Voyager Stand bar(next to Namba station) Voyager Stand Bar link: https://goo.gl/maps/i6RdCMkAhyF4KbE98 これは毎週水曜日のイベントだ:) 3時間飲み放題 と 食べ物が付いてるよ。 (ぎょうざとか、焼き鳥とか、アメリカンドッグとか、からあげ) 1300円だけ。激安いやな~!! たくさん食べ物が欲しかったら、7:45に参加してください。 *ハワイのレイ(ネックレス)もあげるよ。 よろしく~~:)

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