Welcome to Osaka New Friends!

Our goal is to provide a place in Osaka where people can connect with each other, build relationships and organize gatherings. Let's make some friends!

We frequently work together with Osaka Pub Crawl, as well as our sister groups in Tokyo. Many of our events coincide with theirs.

We are welcoming all ideas, and anyone who wishes to organize their own event are encouraged to contact us. Maybe you would like to have a luncheon? meditation lessons? ultimate frisbee games? Feel free to include yourself.

This also pertains other MeetUp organizers, as we'd like to promote all that Osaka has to offer, and not just a particular taste or demographic. Come in and have a look!





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🏮 Deep Backstreet Osaka Tours 🏮

Daikokucho Station (Midosuji Line (2 mins from Namba)

*このツアーはずっと英語で歴史を説明します。 NOTE: If you are a Meetup member YOU GET A 3000 YEN DISCOUNT. YES, 3000yen discount!!!:). SO YOU PAY LESS THAN HALF PRICE!! YOU ONLY PAY 2600yen!! (Other people who visit our website directly pay 5600yen) http://www.backstreetosakatours.com NOTE: These tours are for SMALL groups. So only a maximum of 12 people will come. TOUR HIGHLIGHTS ・Delve into a network of old, twisting, narrow alleys full of character ・Visit the exciting retro zone with all it's charms & quirks ・Explore a unique, historical red light district ・Taste testing at two different local street stalls ・Historic facts of a region controlled by the yakuza ・Venture into the intriguing ghetto area with a controversial past PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT OUR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS TOURS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1925004241085173 These are the incredible Backstreet Osaka Tours of the ghetto, retro zone, yakuza, redlight district, illegal gambling dens and the neighbourhood alleyways. During the tour you’ll do some taste testing at two different street stalls. We strive to show you the authentic Osaka on this night tour, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing city visiting some heritage architecture which is steeped in history & some run down, derelict areas too…not what Osaka Tourism wants you to see! Get an inside look with one of our bilingual tour guides: Andy (who is half Japanese & half Australian), Rutti (American), Tony (half Japanese & half American), Bennet (New Zealand) . All have an extensive knowledge of the Osaka region and can answer all your queries on this walking tour. What We’ll Explore! We will show you the hidden gems that you would never find without us. 1. Night Ghetto walk: run down warehouse areas, quaint back streets & arcades 2. Learn about the Osakan night culture: off the beaten path best eateries & bars 3.Visit the grimy underground gambling dens: Majong, Go & Shogi 4. Take a glimpse at the lost homeless regions: respectfully & never staring. 5. Red Light district tour: witness a region controlled by the infamous yakuza 6. See bizarre only in Japan establishments. Quirks & superstitions 7. Traverse the unmissable winding, narrow back alleys nearby Namba station 8. Set foot in Osaka’s most important, but unknown, shrine. Rituals explained 9. Discover and understand the runnings & loopholes of the pachinko palours 10. Visit and hear the background of love hotels & its impact on society NOTE: Please DON`T come if your just interested in the sexual element. This is a look at Japanese culture, NOT to stare at the girls. Actually the building they are in are much more interesting that the girls themselves!! THE TOUR FEE IS ONLY 2600yen through this Meetup page (Includes a Professional guided tour, guide through the ghetto, Retro and Red Light district and taste testing at 2 different local stalls). PAYMENT: PLEASE PAY IN ADVANCE ON THIS SITE: http://ptix.at/ZqzOBI CHOOSE THE DISCOUNTED TICKET THAT SAYS: "FRIEND OF TOUR GUIDE"....it is only 2600yen (a discount of 3000yen!!! and less than 50% of normal ticket price). NOTE: Many many female participants come on this tour as they know it's their only chance to ever visit these areas with us! NOTE: You must arrive by 5:35pm, the tour and other guests can not wait for you. MEET UP LOCATION: Daikokucho Station, Exit 2 DIRECTION:Hop in to the Midosuji Subway Line (The Red Line). This is the main line in the whole of osaka. Get off at Daikokucho and head towards exit 2. Meet us up the stairs and outside near the convenience store. CONTACT: Andy, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/andy.opple

SPRING FEVER PUB CRAWL PARTY! (FRI) スプリング・フィーバー パーティー!(金)

Welcome to the Friday Night Osaka Pub Crawl 春のパーティ日和!!暖かい風に吹かれて夏はもう目の前だよ!パブクロールを楽しむなら一番すごしやすい今がチャンス! This is one our favorite times of the year to pub crawl! Spring is the air and summer is just around the corner. The weather is warmer, and everyone just wants to get down and party. Lets do it! 大阪パブクロールは、毎週金曜日&土曜日に大阪で開催されている、新しいタイプのイベントです。The Japan Timesにも掲載されています(記事は下にあります)!このイベントのコンセプトは、“バーホッピング”、“バーツアー”、“バー巡り”です。 参加者は最初のバーで会い、みんなで3つ4つのバーに行きます。スタッフが誘導して、全員がひとつの大きなグループでバーからバーに歩いて移動します。誰でも参加できるパーティーで、新しい人に出会ったり、友達と楽しんだり、大阪のナイトライフを経験するのにとてもいい機会です。初めての参加であったり、もっと詳細を知りたいという方は、下に日本語と英語で詳細があるので是非チェックしてみてください。 An Osaka Bar Crawl is perfect for people who interested in trying something new in Osaka, looking to meet new friends, traveling around and don't know the area, and just want to have fun and party! If this is your first time, or for more details about the event, please read below for information in English! We are organizing another Friday night pub crawl in Osaka and everyone is invited to stop by. You all will get free shots, drink discounts, and entry into 2 bars and a club throughout the night. Friendly crowd, mix Japanese / non-Japanese, guys / girls. Most people come alone so don't be shy! BRING YOUR ID. (more English details below) // コンセプト 大阪パブクロールとは、大人数グループでバー巡りをするイベントです。日本人も外国からの人も、いろんな国籍の人が集まり、バーやクラブを巡りながら一晩の交流をはかるものです。 パブクロールは毎週末に開催されており、毎回違うバー/クラブに行き、いろんな人に出会い、とても刺激的です。来る目的もさまざまです。国際交流したい人、飲みたい人、お友達を作りたい人、踊りたい人、異文化や言語を学びたい人…いろんな人が来るので楽しめます。みんなが仲良くなれるようにゲームをしたり、おもしろい企画もたくさんです。 各バーでフリーショットつき、一晩中ドリンクのディスカウントあり、フリードリンクをもらえるチャンスもたくさん!楽しいパーティーをお探しなら、大阪パブクロールへ! // DRESS CODE + CLUB INFO (**IMPORTANT) We will finish the night at a nightclub. Osaka is a casual city, but there are a few requirements for CLUB entrance: � Everyone MUST HAVE A VALID PHOTO ID such as drivers license, original passport, ID card w/ birthday � The drinking age in Japan is 20 years old // TICKETS • ¥2300 / person • Ladies ¥500 discount! • 20% Advance DISCOUNT (link): http://ptix.at/aGEmoX // INCLUDES • 3 welcome shots per person • FREE shots between bars (Jagermeister, Jose Cuervo, etc) • Entrance to all bars and clubs • Chances to win drinks and prizes • Pictures of event • Potentially a back massage from Andy ** Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID ** // DETAILS • Visit 4 bars together • The last stop is a nightclub • Walk from bar to bar in one group • Average Group Size: 40 - 70 people TIME: 7:00pm - 11:45pm (ok if you are late) MEETING SPOT: Blarney Stone (shinsaibashi) Our only goal is to make sure everyone has a good time, and by the end of the evening they feel part of a big group of friends. Or they get really drunk. Or both. Many people come alone, so we mix the group and have fun together. Groups are welcome, too. Be ready to exchange languages, points of view, and hopefully phone numbers. (日本語) 4つのバーに行き、それぞれのバーでは各自フリーショット&1晩中ドリンクディスカウントがもらえます! 異文化交流をしながら、飲みながら、踊りながら、楽しい夜を過ごしましょう!1人で来てもお友達と来てもおっけー!最後のバーではみんなお友達になっているから! // 詳細 • 4つのバーに行く • 最後はクラブで終わる • バーからバーへはみんなで歩く(全てのバーは近距離) • 平均 40 - 70人 **IDを持ってきてください(必須)** 時間:7:00pm - 11:45pm (遅れても大丈夫) 集合場所:Blarney Stone (shinsabashi) // チケット • 男性 ¥2300 / 女性 ¥1800 (受付) • 20% 割引チケット(リンク): http://ptix.at/aGEmoX **IDをもってきてください(必須!)** // 含むもの • 各自3つのウェルカムショット付き • バーとバーの間にもフリーショット付き • 全てのバーとクラブへのエントランス付き • ドリンクや景品を当てるチャンス • 人気者ジュリアーノからのバックマッサージ **IDをもってきてください(必須)** // 大阪パブクロールについて たくさんの人が1人で参加するため、みんなが仲良くなれるようにグループを混ぜたり、交流できるようにゲームを企画したり、みんなが楽しめるようにします。グループ参加ももちろん歓迎します。 言語を交換して、観点を交換して、電話番号を交換しちゃいましょう! // メディア • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=814512705242769&set=vb.174629662564413&type=2&theater • https://vimeo.com/93241576 • http://youtu.be/16uk7JAKWFs • https://www.facebook.com/TokyoPub/photos_albums

🎶🎤Karaoke Night #98 Terrible Singers!!(+30min British Bands Battle)🎤

WE GUARANTEE FUN OR YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK! WE WILL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME TIME!!!:) このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人かすっと日本語しゃべってる。日本語の曲も歌えるね~。来たら?絶対楽しむ:) NOTE: The "British Bands" battle theme is only 30mins.....apart from the 30mins, you can sing ANY SONG you like!!! In English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French:) NOTE: CURRENTLY ON OUR MAIN WEBSITE WE HAVE 21 PEOPLE COMING!!!! (Please see the website): www.oppleosaka.com (http://www.oppleosaka.com/) TO FEEL WHAT A KARAOKE EVENT IS LIKE, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO https://youtu.be/D9LMdziCQhM PREVIOUS EVENT PHOTOS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1918986635020267 Its ALL FOR FUN, WE ARE NOT SERIOUS...we are here just for laughs doing Osaka parties in the best Osaka bars. CHECK OUT THESE IMPRESSIVE BAD SINGERS in the below link!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U3kKrLTVDg&index=21&list=UUBQndKG8s3sLu579fGnyJ9w IT'S OFFICIALLY OSAKAS LARGEST KARAOKE PARTYYYYY:) The king of the osaka parties!!! I know what your thinking!! I dont want to sing infront of 20~30 people, yeah? HOSTS: ALLEN: This boy brings out the worst voice in everyone!!!hahaha PS: Embraces his muscles..big softy actually ANAS: No muscles here, except in his motor mouth:P He is from Saudi Arabia, but don't hate him for it...might even give you one of his oil fields... but only if your allergic to strawberries!!! THIS IS A JAPANESE TRADITION (INVENTED HERE IN JAPAN). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME DESTORY IT WITH OUR BAD SINGING HAHAHHAHAHAH. ITS ALL FOR FUN:) I APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY SOMEONE BLESSED WITH A BAD VOICE AND WHO IS TONE DEAF!!:) NOTE: You dont have to sing. You can just watch a fool like me sing a terrible version of Blue Hearts "Linda Linda" or Aerosmith`s "I dont wanna miss a thingggggggg" hahahaha . In the last few Karaoke nights we have had some diasterous singers!!!!!I'm the worst of them. Terrible performance.....AND WE WANT MORE OF THAT!!!:) Its such a great way to make an idiot of yourself!!:) If you want to sing properly I guess thats okay too hahaah We will hire out a huge room. We will have about 25~35 people with us. ALMOST EVERYONE will come by themselves so dont worry!!!!! REMEMBER: Many people will come for the first time so please have a chat with everyone and make everyone feel welcome. Most new people are very nervous when they first come!! We will have prizes for the best and WORST singers:) So good luck!! ATTENDANCE FEE参加費: 900yen per person (includes karaoke for 3hrs, 25% DISCOUNT on drinks ALL NIGHT, FREE shot drink, Short 30min Pop Music contest, LOTS OF FREE DRINK OF YOUR CHOICE PRIZES, AFTER PARTY NIGHTCLUB FREE ENTRY WITH FREE SHOT DRINK). Please buy 1 drink at the Karaoke bar ATTENDANCE出席: Only 25~30 positions available (THIS EVENT IS SO GOOD CAUSE WE ALWAYS GET ABOUT HALF FOREIGNERS AND HALF JAPANESE PEOPLE) WHERE: I have rented the very spacious lounge space of DOMUS in America Town. ***PLEASE GO TO THE 2ND FLOOR*** This is a very useful map link: http://tinyurl.com/jv44qvo DIRECTIONS: Get off at "Shinsaibashi" Subway Station on the the "Midosuji Line". Go to exit 7. When you get to street level turn 180 degrees. Then walk West for 2 blocks. Turn left (south), for 1 block and its near the corner on your right. Easy....please look at the above map too:) This is the address: 1 Chome-7-18 Nishishinsaibashi, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu[masked] TIME: You can come anytime between 7:15pm and 10:15pm. I have some friends coming at around 8:00pm. BUT DONT COME TOO LATE:P IMPORTANT YOUTUBE LINK: Evaluation check: see if you can join us!!! I hope you are as bad as us hahahaah https://youtu.be/zQf5osjxEM8 AFTER PARTY二次会: We will go to anightclub.......(MOST POPULAR INTERNATIONAL NIGHTCLUB IN OSAKA) and give you FREE entry (for other clients its 2000yen entry....for you FREE) and a FREE SHOT. CONTACT連絡先: Ask me (Andy) on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/andy.opple Bring your language brain and it'll be a language exchange too. If your thinking about coming........... just come!!:) NOTE: This event isnt an event where you bring a friend for free as its already very cheap!!:) Cheers, Andy :P 🚀"Sing, Eat, Drink, Mingle, Make new friends, and Cause a little mischief"🚀

🌸 Cherry Blossom Walk (Expo park fee included) 🌸

Expo Commemorative Park / 万博記念公園

このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人か全く英語話せないよ!!:) 半分外国人と半分日本人参加するので、メッチャいい雰囲気あります。ハイキングに興味があれば、是非来てください:)よろしくお願い致します。 We have to come here. Its ALWAYS rated one of the best spots to see Cherry blossoms:) WE CANT FORGET BANPAKU PARK DURING THE CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON!!! Im sure youve been there BUT Im sure on my tour guide I will show you MANY places you have never seen. CHECK OUT THESE PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS EVENTS HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1990146667904263 I will personally guide you and show you the best spots to see the Cherry blossoms. I have been here over 30 times as its only 10mins away from my home. This is the biggest park in Osaka. Its a massive 260 Hectares!!!! (Thats the size of about 260 football fields). We will have a maximum of 20 people. We`ll all meet up infront of "Banpaku Kinen Koen" Station ( at the convenience store which is just outside the gates, there are one set of gates) and leave as a group.. This will be an easy, relaxed, refreshing walk. We will have a break half way through. WHAT YOU WILL SEE: The Expo’70 Commemorative Park was built on the site of the Japan World Exposition 1970. The Expo’70 Commemorative Park is about 260 Hectares. In the huge park, there are a part of facilities of the Expo’70, such as the Japanese Garden and the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Osaka. Parking lots at that time were converted into sporting facilities and recreation spots. The site of theme pavilions is forests and seasonal flower gardens now. The park is known as a cultural park embracing natural environment. The park has 4 areas: ❂ the Japanese Garden ❂ Natural and Cultural Gardens ❂ cultural institution area ❂ sports and recreation area WHAT YOU GET: ❂ Entry into the park (we have already bought the park entry tickets for you). ❂ Get a pat on the back after completing the walk:P ❂ Interact with genuinely kind, funny enjoyable people at a great sightseeing spot! OTHER ACTIVITIES: 1. Next to the park there is the new Expo City (it is labelled as "Japan`s largest complex") This is a link to the expo park: http://www.expocity-mf.com/en/ 2. Also, cause you have a free ticket for Banpaku Park you can stay there after the walk and enjoy all the locations!!!!! PARTICIPATION FEE: 1200yen per adult. 500yen for children (the park entry fee is included in the fee) WHERE: Meet at Banpaku Kinen Kouen Station. There is only one exit. Meet outside the gates near the convenience store:) link to the Banpaku Kinen Kouen Station map: http://tinyurl.com/h8ecd5m WHO: Anyone can attend, kids, adults, families, Japanese people, foreigners...:) WHY: Cause its what Japan is famous for!!! CHERRY BLOSSOMS CONTACT: Andy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andyopple Eat, Drink, Mingle, Make new friends, and Cause a little mischief :P

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🎲Boardgamers & Card Games Night #58⏳

Cafe Absinthe

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