We are the first polyglots (multilingual) meet up in Osaka, I guess. Because when I made this group there was no any similar group even after searching by any related words in April, 2015. You are very welcome, and I am glad you joined us. Firstly please do not worry, it is not needed you speak several languages. All the people would be welcome if you are willing to be multilingual or willing to speak specific language (Even one!! like Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian and so on). At least one of our group member will help your study if you want (We have the speaker of Japanese = of course^^, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Korean☆彡).

The purposes of this group are

① Sharing "The skills of studying multi languages" and "All the knowledge related with languages".
② Having several skills (not only language skill) at the same time. The language skill would be the first challenge.
③ Making wide friendship through languages.
※Any languages will be welcomed without exception here.

We have been holding three types of event currently.

1. Multilingual event (group talk/ group discussion/ Sharing easy saying of rare language / etc..)
2. Multilingual event (see above) with Chinese tea and basic Mandarin Chinese lesson
3. Multilingual event (see above) with Coffee

Our related meetups
-1. Dance performance (Hiphop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, Belly dance and so on)
-2. Live show (Rap, Talkbox, Beatbox, Blues, R&B and so on)
-3. Dj time (Hiphop, House, R&B, EDM and so on)
※It is kinds of club event. But it is only held at day time (around 19:00~23:00). The atmosphere is good. The people are very friendly. No Charai people^^.

❷ [CTMO (Chinese Tea Meetup Osaka)]

✪[OMG(Osaka Multilingual Gathering)]
I am one of three organizers (Including Andy from Australia and James from U.K.)

On the other hand,
1. How to get on higher stage in my life by using several languages
2. How to contribute the people (for me especially for Japanese people) by using language skills.

They are my current theme. I have been wondering “just speak several languages” is great?? But, also we cannot say it means nothing. Then, what can I do?? Hope I can get any idea for the above mentioned theme through this activity. This may be my own purpose. By the way, you may have your own theme for your language life. Let’s share all, and get the answers together^O^/

Kind regards

Shogo Ohashi
{Speaker of Japanese (Mother tongue), Mandarin Chinese, English and Korean / Hiphop dancer / Organizer of SOUND BRIDGE}

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Parlons Français à Osaka Salon

Osaka Salon

Salut à tous ! 皆さんボンジュール! ***J'annonce cet événement sur Facebook aussi*** ***Facebook で予約してくる人もいますよ!*** On va parler français ensemble. Tous les niveaux sont le bienvenu ! フランス語を話してみましょう〜。すべてのレベルは大歓迎です! ※ Le lieu 場所 Osaka Salon (2ème étage !!!) Addresse:[masked] Nishi-Ku Itachi-Bori Osaka, Osaka http://www.osakasalon.com/ ※ Le plan スケジュール 20h00-20h30 arriver et se presenter 自己紹介(日本語も大丈夫!) 20h30-21h00 activité de langue アクティビティ 21h00-22h00 conversation générale 自由な会話 Après 22h00 vous serez libre à rester là ou bien sûr rentrer quand vous en avez envie :) 22時以降イベントが終わるけど、もちろん帰らなくてもいいです! ※ Les frais d'entrée sont 1000 yens qui inclut une boissons de votre choix. Gratuit pour les enfants et les français. 会費1000円でお願いします。子供とフランス人は無料です。 J'ai hâte de vous voir ! 楽しみ! À bientôt !

Road to English Mastery #3 (Native Speakers Free)

Domus by DS Cafe

[Japanese below] Hello, everyone. Here comes our English language event! I know you have been expecting us to do it :) Let’s speak English! No worries, as Steve from the U.S. will take care of both beginner and advanced-level speakers! Cost: 500 yen (free for native English speakers) ※ We also ask that everyone please order one drink. Place: Domus Cafe (2nd floor) https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ [Content] 1. Self introduction 2. Free conversation on several topics (we will prepare the topics) 3. Short English lesson (about 10 minutes) by Steve (U.S./ Professional English teacher) [Purpose] 1. Speaking English 2. Making new friends 3. Learning more about English-speaking countries (U.S./ Canada/ U.K./ Australia/ New Zealand, etc.) [Note] As with all of our gatherings, we ask that participants not advertise personal religious or political views, and not conduct personal business. Those found in violation of this policy will be removed from our group. 英語を学習中のみなさん、こんにちは! 日頃、英語に触れるきっかけのあまりない方には朗報♪ 少人数の英語イベントが始まりますよ! 基本フリートークですが、Steveさん(U.S.A.)がいるので初級者も上級者も安心です。気軽にご参加ください(^.^) 費用: 500円 (英語ネイティブは無料) ※みなさん、最低1 drinkを注文してくださいね。 場所: Domus cafe (2階) https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ [内容] 1. 自己紹介 2. フリートーク (いくつかのトピックをこちらで用意します) 3. Steve さん (プロの英語講師です) による英語レッスン。10分ほど(文法、発音、イントネーションなど)です。 ※もちろん、事前に質問を準備してイベント中に聞いてもらうことも可能です。 [目的] 1. 英語を話す 2. 友達作り 3. 英語圏のことについて、もっと知る [注意] 宗教、ネットワークビジネス、政治関係などへの勧誘は絶対にしないで下さい。やった日にグループから削除します。

中国語交流会 #4 (Native Mandarin Speakers Free)

Domus by DS Cafe

[English & Japanes below] 正在学习汉语的朋友们,大家好,在这里有一个好消息要跟大家一起分享,我们要开始举办中文交流会啦!因为有来自中国青岛在日本生活六年的由san和大家一起学习交流汉语,所以汉语初学者也不必担心,欢迎大家踊跃报名! 费用:500日元(汉语为母语者免费) *由于是在咖啡厅举行活动,所以至少需要点一杯饮料 地点:Domus cafe https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ 内容: 1.自我介绍 2.自由口语交流(我们会准备几个话题) 3.由san的lesson,大概10分钟。(关于发音、语法、词汇等) 目的: 1.学习汉语 2.交新朋友 3.获取更多关于汉语圈的信息 注意⚠️: 1.禁止宣传宗教及商业活动,禁止谈论一些敏感的政治话题。如有不遵守规定者,我们会将其在交流群中除名。 2.为了保持融洽的交流氛围,请尽量避免谈论一些敏感的历史遗留问题、国与国之间的关系及领土争端问题。 Hello everyone, here comes Chinese language (Mandarin) event. I know you have been expecting us to do it:). Let’s speak Chinese! No worries, Mr. You from China will take care of both of beginners and advanced-level speakers! Cost: 500yen (Native Mandarin speakers are free for the entrance) ※Everyone, please order 1 drink. Place: Domus cafe [Content] 1. Self introduction 2. Free conversation with several topics (we will prepare it) 3. Short Chinese lesson (about 10 minutes ) by Mr. You (from China/ about Vocabulary, gramour, pronounciation and so on) [Purpose] 1. Speaking Chinese (Mandarin) 2. Making new friends 3. Knowing more about Chinese History, Culture and so on) [Note] 1. Please do not advertise your religion, network business and political view. You will be deleted from our group if you do it. 2. Please do not mention sensitive topics like (History, relationship between specific countries, territorial thing and so on). It is not the place yot show your opinion. 中国語(北京語)を学習中のみなさん、こんにちは! 日頃、中国語に触れるきっかけのあまりない方には朗報♪ 少人数の中国語イベントが始まりますよ! 基本フリートークですが、由さん(中国語青島市出身)がいるので初級者も上級者も安心です。気軽にご参加ください(^.^) 費用: 500円 (中国語ネイティブは無料) ※みなさん、最低1 drinkを注文してくださいね。 場所: Domus cafe [内容] 1. 自己紹介 2. フリートーク (いくつかのトピックをこちらで用意します) 3. 由さんによる中国語レッスン。10分ほど(文法、発音、イントネーションなど)です。 ※もちろん、事前に質問を準備してイベント中に聞いてもらうことも可能です。 [目的] 1. 中国語(北京語)を話す 2. 友達作り 3. 中国語圏のことについて、もっと知る [注意] 1. 宗教、ネットワークビジネス、政治関係などへの勧誘は絶対にしないで下さい。やった日にグループから削除します。 2. あまりに際どい歴史や国家間、領土などの話は、場の空気を悪くするのでやめて下さい。

Korean meetup #5 (Koreans Free)

Domus by DS Cafe

English & Korean below 안녕하세요! みなさん、こんにちは! 韓国語イベントがありますよ! 韓国の人達と、韓国語話しましょ🎶😄 [費用]: 500円 (韓国の人は、無料) ※みなさん、1回でワンドリンク注文お願いします! [場所]: Domus https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ [目的]: 1. 韓国語を話すこと 2. 友達作り 3. 韓国について、もっと知る (歴史、文化、音楽、ファッションなど) [内容]: 自己紹介、ショートレッスン 안녕하세요! Hello everyone, here comes Korean language event. I know you have been expecting us to do it:). Let’s speak Korean! (한국어 밑에 있습니다.) Cost: 500yen (Korean ppl = entrance free) ※Everyone, please order 1 drink at the 1st floor Place: Domus https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ [Purpose] 1. Speaking Korean 2. Making new friends 3. Knowing more about Korea (History/ Culture like Music, fashion and so on) [Content] Self introduction/ Easy lesson 안녕하세요! 한국 언어와 문화를 알리고 친구도 만들수 있는 코리아 밋업을 기획 했습니다! 한국에 관심있는 외국인 친구를 만들고 싶다 하시는분들에게는 대찬스! 꼭 참가해주세요!! 참가비 : 500엔(한국 사람은 무료입니다.) ※1층에서 음료는 최소 하나 주문해주세요! 장소 : Domus https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ 목적 1. 한국어 말하기 2. 새로운 친구 만들기 3. 한국문화 교류하기 컨텐츠 자기소개/ 간단한 한국어 레슨

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