Romania Night @ Q Cafe // ルーマニアナイト



Romania comes to Tokyo, this Friday at Q Cafe in Ueno!

Let staff member Maria present the best of her homeland in this special evening event. Learn about Romanian culture and how to prepare delicious Romanian dishes as you relax and enjoy with participants from around the world.

Activities include:
☆ Help prepare two different traditional Romanian dishes: eggplant dip and potato salad with chicken
☆ Learn all about the country of Romania in a special cultural presentation
☆ Enjoy a playlist of Romanian music that Maria has selected just for this event

【Language】English, Japanese

【Participation fee】¥500 + 1 drink order

【Date & time】Fri., March 13th, 7:00~9:00PM

【Location】Q Cafe // Q Stay and lounge Ueno
2 Chome-13-2 Higashiueno, Taito City, Tokyo[masked]

※ Ingredients and kitchen equipment are provided.

※ Coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and other light meals and snacks available for separate purchase.

Q Cafe menu (

※ Participation is limited, so RSVP soon to reserve your spot!


ルーマニア文化をQ Cafe上野で一緒に楽しもう!

今回はルーマニア出身のスタッフ Maria が、本場仕込みのルーマニア料理を披露します。

☆Maria がチョイスしたルーマニア音楽プレイリストと映像鑑賞
☆Maria が語るルーマニアの魅力&異文化交流タイム




【会場】Q Cafe
Q Stay and lounge 上野 1F

※ 材料費は参加費に含まれます。

※ ドリンク、軽食などは別途買入可能です。
Q Cafe メニュー (

※ 参加人数が限られるため、ご予約お願いします。