Tokyo Startup Pitch Night (March)




6th fl. 1-20-9 Jinman Shibuya-ku: 東京都渋谷区神南1-20-9-6F · 東京都


Entering the Apple Store Shibuya building from the entrance on the right of the Apple Store, and use the elevator to come up to the 6th floor.



Welcome to Tokyo Startup Pitch Night hosted by Tokyo Startup Engineers! We want to give an opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to present their projects by 5-mins long pitch in English.


• 18:30 Reception/Networking

• 19:00 Introductions

• 19:10 Pitches start (5 minutes pitches/demos, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A)

• Xoxzo ( - Akira Nonaka

• Gestpedia ( - Hidetsugu Tanaka

• Perapera ( - Mike Eidlin

• Myndly ( - Dimitri Akimaru

• 20:00 Short announcements from the audience

• 20:15 Networking

• 21:00 Closing


Mike Eidlin ( Perapera Inc CEO)
Mike Eidlin is a co-founder of Perapera. Recently moved from San Francisco to Tokyo, Perapera is an app that crowdfunds translations. If you'd like to read Silicon Valley content in Japanese, go to ( !

Hidetsugu Tanaka (Gestpedia Co-founder )
After working at IBM, Hitachi and WD, Hidetsugu co-founded Gestpedia, which is a video streaming site for gestures from around the world. He is also a member of International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS), which held a conference in Paris last year and had 300+ people attended.

Akira Nonaka (Engineer Evangelist at Xoxzo Inc.)
Joined March 2016. Formerly developed satellite communication system at NEC, MacOS development at Apple Inc. Loves Ruby, Haskell programing, sailing and watching rugby on Holidays. Recent interest is in development of iOS application in Swift. FAA private pilot.


We are a group of Entrepreneurs/Engineers who recently moved back to Tokyo after founding and working for Startups in Silicon Valley. Our goal is to contribute to the movement of making Tokyo the startup hub of Asia by providing an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to showcase their work and ask for help to grow their product.

Ryo Chikazawa (Locki, Inc. Founder & CEO)

After working at DeNA, he joined a Singapore-based startup, Viki as an engineer. Then, he moved to San Francisco to join a startup founded by a Viki co-founder, Pixel Labs as a founding member. He left the company in 2016 and founded Locki, Inc in SF.

Dimitri Akimaru (Myndly, Founder & CEO)
University of Michigan alumni and aspired entrepreneur who worked with various technologies including biometrics and blockchain. Founded 3 companies in the Midwest and in Silicon Valley, with his most recent one being Myndly, a mobile application that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and geolocation to make knowledge sharing easier and faster.