Tezos weekend clinic and tech update




We will be having our first ever weekend Meetup so we can take a bit more time to speak to our members.

The lineup is as follows:
[masked]pm Technology update (in Japanese) - Kouta Hizaki, Tezos Japan Foundation
An english transcript for the slides will be provided
[masked]pm Self-baking methods and services - HashHub
English material will be provided.
[masked]pm Tezos Clinic
Bring your problems to our team. We will be able to give you personalized help and guidance e.g. wallets, ledger nano, delegation, baking, buying and selling Tezos, tax (!).

4-5pm Networking
Drinks and snacks will be provided by ownBLOCK Ltd

We look forward to seeing you. Please feel free to attend some or all of it or just hangout in a cool location in Shibuya!



午後2時〜午後2時半 Tezosのテクニカルアップデート  日崎皓太(Tezos Japan)


午後2時半〜午後3時 セルフベーキングの方法 HashHub

午後3時〜午後4時 Tezos Clinic

個別のヘルプやガイダンスが必要な方へのサポートの時間です。ウォレット、Ledger Nano, デリゲーションやベーキング、Tezosの売買や税金など、あらゆる疑問点にお答えします。