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T.I.S are single, hip, adventurous,and fun. Tokyo International Singles (http://internationalsingles.org/) accepts singles from 20-58, but our group events are broken into age ranges when appropriate

We will have events in many age categories..

Singles 20s to 38s

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Singles 40's, plus

Some of us are recently divorced or fresh out of a relationship. Some of us chose the fabulous single life and some of us are still looking for the one.

Not everyone is looking for a date or a partner, some of our members are just looking for new friends and adventure.

Tokyo International Singles (http://internationalsingles.org/) hosts social events weekly in both Tokyo and surrounding areas.

As we are now one of the fastest growing Meetup groups in Tokyo we always aim to provide unique and fun activities for our members and always provide interesting activities in Tokyo.

Some of our AWESOME FRIENDS joining our parties !!

You'll be invited to singles parties, Pub Crawls, Dance parties, cooking classes, movie nights, whiskey tasting lessons, craft beer brewing lessons, wine tasting parties, dances and networking events.

A few of our previous events/parties include Mt Fuji climb , Riverboat cruises , Scavenger Hunts , BBQs, Picnics, Travel (day and vacation), live theater, art gallery exhibits, shooting ranges, skiing and haunted bus tours, Tokyo Sky tree walk. Salsa classes ,etc

"Remember being bored means your boring"

Join up meet new friends enjoy unique and fun activities TOKYO SINGLES has to offer

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2/23 EBISU❤️International ⒻⓇⒾⒺⓃⒹⓈⒽⒾⓅ­ Party-All🍸🍷🍻🍹drink+ 🍕恵比寿国際交流パーティー

100〜150人✔️✔️必要 Important✔️✔️ To make the reception smooth please say that you came from “Neel's meetup” 毎回100人~150人参加してます。入場が、よりいち早くスムズにするため✔️ ✔️ 入場の時、写真を見て  “ニールのミートアップからです”、 と一こと言うってください。Para hacer la entrada mas enficiente y rapida favor decir que has sido invitado por Neel. Pour ne pas manquer de temps a l'entree, dites que vous venez pour le meetup de NEEL. ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ This time we have make specials arrangements for you in Ebisu Seven ███▓▒░░░░░░ Ebisu International Friendship Party ░░░░░░░▒▓███ What happens when meetup meets some of the coolest parties in Tokyo? The result is an ultimate experience of the company of good people and a wonderful time. More than 100 beautiful people will join us from outside meetup. We are doing a collaboration party to provide you happy times. This is the perfect occasion to make new friends, language exchange, expand your relation circle and have fun all together! Convenient Access JR Line (Ebisu station east exit) 5min Hibiya Line (Ebisu station exit 1) 7min New VENUE EBISU SEVEN Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Ebisu[masked] Kouwa Bldg 7F Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/jAzNVgeYRg72 PICTURE MAP: http://seven-ebisu.jp/common/pdf/access_1401.pdf All you can drink 🍸🍷🍻🍹 for 2.5hrs (6:30-9:00pm) Wine, cider, beer , cocktails, soft drinks and enjoy Pizza slices (till stock lasts) Participation Fee (Show Meetup RSVP) Women : 2000Y Foreigner Men : 2500Y Japanese Men : 3500Y Dress code Evening wear or Business attire recommended Notes and Tips: #1. This is a no-smoking event. #2. Be yourself and enjoy the atmosphere Our meetup group is constantly growing and it will be a first event for many, please be welcoming to everyone and introduce them to the friends you already have made at meetup. Thank you and love from your hosts, Picture Corner:::イベントイメージ ■■■■必要■■■■ ✔️ ✔️ 入場の時、“ニールのミートアップからです”、  と一こと言うってください。✔️ ✔️ ■■■■必要■■■■ 恵比寿駅より徒歩5分にあるスペースでおしゃれなパーティーを行っております。 ❂外国人の友達作りたい方、外国語力を高めたいと思ってる方、是非参加してください!❂ 日本語が話せる外国人も参加しますので、日本語しか話せなくても全然大丈夫です! 2時間半飲み放題:美味しいスパークリングワイン、フランス製のシードル、赤ワイン&白ワイン、ビール、カクテル、ソフトドリンクは全て飲み放題になっております。スナック&軽食も用意させて頂いております。 ❂時間 18:30~21:30(3時間パーティー) 時間内は何時でも入場可能です。 飲み放題は18:30から21:00までとなります(2時間半飲み放題) ❂場所 EBISU SEVEN 東京都渋谷区恵比寿[masked] 恵比寿幸和ビル7F ❂会場への行き方 JRの場合: 恵比寿駅東口より 徒歩5分 東京メトロ日比谷線の場合: 恵比寿駅1番出口より 徒歩7分 https://goo.gl/maps/jAzNVgeYRg72 ❂参加費(Meetup予約で) 女性お一人:2000円 外国人男性お一人:2500円 日本人男性お一人:3500円 ***2時間半飲み放題、スナック&軽食🍕すらいす*** 参加費以外に一円も使わずに楽しめる! ❂服装 イブニング、洋服、スーツなどの正装をおすすめします。 ❂その他 途中入退場可 会場内禁煙(会場外に喫煙スペース有り) お荷物置き場はあり(無料) では、楽しい夜を過ごしてください♪

Salsa Meetup Mastering Lessons (Learn How To Dance & Meet New Friends)

Sudada (New Location:FORUM Imperial Roppongi Building 2F)

How to Access The NEW LOCATION : Roppongi station Exit 3 Take a right and walk towards Tokyo Tower. When you cross the 2nd traffic light, take a right(do not walk straight pass the red light) just at the building with a big screen. You will see a big sign "FORUM" building. Sudada is on the second floor of this building. Note: Ricardo is a professional teacher… please kindly Rsvp if you are really coming, please try no to cancel on the day of the meetup. Thank you. Meetups PROFESSIONAL SALSA and Bachata DANCE LESSONS. 4 WEEK INTENSIVE Course every month schedule. special bachata lesson for all... Learn bachata from japan salsa congress 2014 bachata champion... Please be on time otherwise the bachata lesson will be canceled... 4:00pm- 4:45pm salsa lesson for beginners 4:45 dancing, practicing DJ time 5:15pm -6:00pm: salsa intermediate lesson 6:00pm- 6:30pm bachata,merengue or bachata lesson. 6:30pm-7:00pm freestyle dance,practice/instructor observation students steps and correct them "New Year resolution"learn how to master your Latin dance skills... Join our 4 week intensive course, salsa,merengue,bachata and regaeton. I will teach you in the most fun and easier way to learn how to dance salsa and the same time meet up new wonderful people. I can't wait to meet up with all of you. Make the new year resolution new hobby "salsa". INTERMEDIATE lesson directly after the Basic lesson This is for all members who already have an understanding for the basic steps but are ready to move onto some more advanced moves . ********************************************************** Tokyo Salsa Meetup is excited to continue to present our new 4 week intensive Salsa Dance classes starting Every month Come and experience a Salsa Dance lesson every Sunday from our Professional Instructor Ricardo Garcia Pls note : This is a professional instruction lesson and practice opportunity with the aim to get members to learn the basic steps quickly and efficiently. Apart from the 4 week intensive course there is also a drop in Salsa lesson where you can come and join anytime and sharpen up your spins and turns or practice with other dancers there are now 2 payment options available COSTS Weekly Drop in lesson : 2500 YEN...... with one drink included OR 4 Week Course :8,000 YEN....... with one drink each week lesson is 3hours in duration from 4:00 pm - 7:00pm ********************************************************** There will be 3 Lessons each week rotating between the following styles Salsa Lesson, beginner, Salsa intermediate and either Bachata Lesson, Merengue Lesson, Reggaeton Lesson the Basic Schedule is described below ! TIMETABLE : 4:00pm – 7:00pm 4:00– 4:45pm : Salsa instruction Beginner Lesson 5:15 – 6:00 pm : Salsa instruction Intermediate lesson * Beginner or intermediate students have the option to join either class depending on the amount of students in each group 6:30pm– 7:00pm : Freestyle Dance / Instructor Observation 6:30 pm– 7:00 pm : 1st week, Bachata Beginner/Improver class 6:30 – 7:00pm : Freestyle dance / Instructor observation l Freestyle dancing (preferably AFTER the first and second lessons each week ) Freestyle dancing & practice will be taking place after each lesson Ricardo the instructor during this time will observe , review and adjust your movements, help with steps, spins and correct positioning. ********************************************************** For those new to salsa, please note that the dancing time is free as included in class cost. Absolute beginners are asked to start on the first class of each month in the 4 week course ; this means the sessions will be progressive to enable faster muscle memory. It is also less repetitive for the class participants and thus ensures more continuity for all. This is one of the best, quickest & enjoyable ways for new dancers to learn. Weekly Latin dance classes mainly for L.A Style ON 1 , Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton are also on the menu as you progress. In other words, all the Latin dances found in a typical salsa club! Authentic social salsa is fun, informal dancing & nothing like the TV programme which is show dancing. You don't need a partner or dance experience in order to participate. People with two left feet and/or no sense of rhythm also find it easy! Come with a smile, be willing to have a go & just enjoy yourself! Also there will be a Dj during the lessons at Salsa Sudada spinning all the latest latin dance tunes , Sudada 【新会場:フォーラム インペリアル ビル 2F】 〒[masked] 港区六本木5-16-5 集まろう、踊ろう、友達を作ろう、そして楽しもう! プロフェッショナルSALSAとBACHATAのレッスンで会いましょう ラテンダンスの技術をどう学んだらよいか、、、、4週間の集中コースに参加してサルサ、メレンゲ、バチャータ、レゲトンを極めませんか。一番楽しくて簡単な方法で教えます。ステキな人たちとの新しい出会いもありますよ。早く皆さんに会いたくて待ちきれない思いです。新しい趣味サルサを極めましょう. ********************************************************** 東京サルサミートアップ は引き続き新4週間集中サルサダンスクラスを開講します 一月から 毎週日曜日リカルドガルシアのサルサダンスレッスンを是非体験してください これはベーシックステップは最速で効率用句学ぶためのレッスンと練習です。 4週間集中コースとは別に日曜午後にサルサスダーダでこのコースを修了します。 また、ドロップインサルサレッスンはいつでも参加してスピンやターンを磨いたり、他のダンサーたちと練習をしたりできます。 お支払は以下の2つのオプションから選べます。 各週コース ドロップインレッスン : 2500 円......1ドリンク付き または 4週間コース :8,000 円....... 毎週1ドリンク付きです レッスンは 4:00 pm - 7:00pm の3時間です。 ********************************************************** 各週3レッスンずつあります rotating between the following styles サルサレッスン, 初級, 中級 メレンゲレッスン, レゲトンレッスン スケジュールは以下になります ! 時間割 : 4:00pm – 7:00pm 4:00– 4:45pm : サルサ 初心者レッスン 5:15 – 6:00 pm : サルサ 中級レッスン * 初級クラスと中級クラスの生徒は参加者の人数次第でどちらのクラスに参加してもかまいません 6:30pm– 7:00pm : フリーダンス / インストラクターによるチェック 6:30 pm– 7:00 pm : 第1週目, 初心者クラス/Improver class 6:30 – 7:00pm : フリーダンス / インストラクターによるチェック レッスンの後にはフリーダンス&練習があります インストラクターリカルドがチェックして動きやステップ、スピン、ポジショニングのアドバイスをします。 ********************************************************** フリーダンスはレッスン料に含まれています。初心者は月初めに4週間コースからスタートしてください。 ;そうすることで体が自然に動きをマスターして上達が早まります。 また参加者が重複無く連続して学ぶことができ、最良で、楽しく踊りを学べます。 ウイークリーラテンダンスクラスは主にON1 L.Aスタイルサルサです。,メレンゲ、バチャータ、レゲトンも上達に合わせて取り入れていきます。 どれもサルサクラブでかかる典型的ラテンダンスです。 ソーシャルサルサはテレビで見るショーダンスのようなものではなく、堅苦しくなく楽しいダンスです。参加にはパートナーも経験も必要ありません。 全く踊れない人も、リズム感が全くない人でも簡単!笑顔でトライして楽しんでください!

【FREE】 第一金曜日夜国際交流ミートアップ無料❤️ Monthly Meetup Party (LE/ Chat/ Make Friends)🎉

【日本語の説明は英語のあとになる 】 Do you wish to bond with other people? If yes then you are not going to miss this meetup. The First House is a fashionable, cool and trendy bar-cum-club in the party district of Tokyo, "Roppongi" You will be welcomed at the door. Get a drink, make friends, feel free to mingle. We also recommend switching seats/standing style and talking to new people, so you have more chances of knowing someone interesting. At the entrance, we will make you feel comfortable by welcoming you. Simply "drop by whenever" HOW IT WORKS? Stand up to show that you're willing to meet and talk with new people, sit for a private conversation. ╔════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╗ Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends ╚════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╝ This is a FREE MEETUP for everyone. Who should join this MEETUP Most people join our meetup group with the hope and/or expectation of meeting people with similar likes or interests, and to hopefully make a good friend or two from the experience. Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends. Come alone or even with friends, But I am sure when you go back you will have someone as a friend of your life time!! Arrival time is set at 8:30 pm though you can come anytime late. What we would recommend is to come earlier and not to miss a chance to talk as much as you can. It’s a singles and free style event though you can come with your friends. We have a mission to bring Japanese people close to foreigners by organizing friendly events.To celebrate the wonderful time with everyone, we would like to invite you to come and meet many many people. This edition of Meetup Party is organized by various meetup groups, so you can increase your circle of friends as well. This means we have invited participants from other meetup groups as well, so don’t get disappointed if you see only a few RSVPs here. We will be updating the guests count here. Details: 【Time】: 8:30-10:30 pm Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends 10:30pm~ You may continue to stay or do an after party with fellow meetuppers as you wish. Here's a GOOGLE Map https://goo.gl/maps/ippneTCi83L2 I have made a picture map also (easy to follow) 【Foreigners】: FREE 【Japanese】: FREE too 【Access】 : 3 min walk from Roppongi Station Exit 3 on Oedo and Hibiya Lines 【Venue】: The First House[masked] FORUM Imperial Roppongi Building B2F[masked] http://www.thefirsthouse.jp/ #TIPS FOR THE MEETUP: 1. Arrive early. 2. Practice the language you wish. 3. Make as many friends as you can. Our meetup group is constantly growing and it will be a first event for many, please be welcoming to everyone and introduce them to the friends you already have made at meetup. You may come alone or with friends. Thank you and Love from your Hosts ====================================== 皆様のお蔭で3年を迎える事が出来ました。 ささやかですが国際交流パーティーを開きたいです。 皆さん一人でも友達ともご参加ください。 ╔═══════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |══════╗ ♡国際交流ミートアップパーティー♡ ╚═══════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |══════╝ ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ 国際交流の新パーティで、なんと参加は自由、無料です。外国籍の方がたくさんいらっしゃるので、気楽に参加してください。 英語ができなくても日本語がぺらぺら方もきますよ。 日本語がペラペラの外国人、英語がまったく話せない日本人の方、お一人の方も多く参加されます。 毎回、初めて参加される方もたくさんいらっしゃいますので、お気軽にご参加してくださいね 【日時】: PM8:30時-10:30時 10:30~ まだまだパーティは続く・・・・ご自由に 【会費】: 日本人→0円 日本人男性もうね 外国人→0円 = 幸せの時間 参加はもちろんただですが、バー側から攻めて1ドリンクの依頼があるのでご協力お願いします 【行き方】: 英語の文章でpicture map の写真を見てください。https://goo.gl/maps/ippneTCi83L2 【 場所】: とってもおしゃれなバー The First House 〒[masked] 港区六本木5-16-5 フォーラム インペリアル ビルB2F Tel:[masked] http://www.thefirsthouse.jp/ 絶対着てね。。。 ♡__♡__♡__♡__♡__♡__♡__♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡ 今まで1000人以上が参加しています。 あなたの協力と共に感謝の気持ちを込めて。 ニール

💁🏻 Hot International Meetup in Ginza 💕Free for Foreigners

💁🏻About the venue 🌆PLUS TOKYO You’re basically guaranteed to find the scene that suits your fancy in the lounge — there is one main room with luxurious and comfortable tables and couches sporadically strewn about, a pink room “for the ladies,” two standing bars, a craft Japanese liqueur bar, a members’ lounge and a vast rooftop, which boasts views of both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree (on opposite ends). Tokyo's largest music lounge in Ginza located on the top floor and rooftop of Kirarito Ginza, Experience a different kind of Ginza 🎥 https://youtu.be/vRr0mgL1AoA 💁🏻About the meetup You will get the chance to meet quality people, while having fun the old school way – face2face. We have arranged FREE ENTRANCE specially for the foreigners so come along and enjoy one of the newest clubs in Ginza meet other singles or non-singles and enjoy the atmosphere,music and chatting. ╔════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╗ Hot International Meetup in Ginza💕 Free for Foreigners ╚════════| ೋ ღ ღೋ |═════════╝ 👫Who should join this MEETUP Most people join our meetup group with the hope and/or expectation of meeting people with similar likes or interests, and to hopefully make a good friend or two from the experience. 💁🏻Directions and map Ginza Chuo-ku[masked] Tokyo 12F/RF https://plustyo.com/contact/ https://goo.gl/maps/UKQeRL3RJHu 💁🏻Time: 9:00pm-11:30 pm, you may wish to stay till late. 💁🏻Dress Code: Smart casual or evening wear. 💁🏻Tags #meetup, #tokyo, #freemeetup #foreigners #ginza #plustokyo 💁🏻MEETUP FEE (Everyone register at the reception and say "Neel's Meetup") Specially arranged FREE Entrance for all Foreigners. Japanese man 2000 with 1 drink Japanese woman 1000 with 1 drink

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Salsa Meetup Mastering Lessons (Learn How To Dance & Meet New Friends)

Sudada (New Location:FORUM Imperial Roppongi Building 2F)

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