Do you want to make friends? We're planning to host a variety of events where you're sure to come into contact with fellow members who have the same interests as you and so make friends easily.

Yokohama Spontaneous is the sister group of Tokyo Spontaneous (https://www.meetup.com/tokyospontaneous/)

We're starting this group with the same successful objective & approach of Tokyo Spontaneous to build friendship & networking opportunities with fellow members from all backgrounds in friendly Yokohama. We pick up interesting events or places in Yokohama & surrounding areas to offer a variety of events to meet fellow members with similar interests; whether they're international parties, dinner parties, drinks, language & culture exchange, day trips, picnics & everything in between.

Most interaction is in English but there are Japanese speaking members that join every event so don't be shy or worried about your English level. There are also lots of Japanese speaking opportunities if you want.

Our magic/uniqueness/strength is that we offer a great variety of quality experiences, are very member orientated and make an effort to offer great value Meetups!

Any member can plan & host events and we are more than willing to promote your event ideas. We do ask that the events are relatively mainstream & reasonably priced for our members.

Meetup is about facilitating the making of friends. Most members arrive by themselves but by the end of the event they've made many friends. For this reason every event needs a host; who meets & greets members.

It's ok to arrive by yourself (most of us do); you'll make many friends real fast - it's Meetup!

Get ready ..... let's spontaneously meet up :)

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Fun chat & drinks @ a cool venue in Nishi-Azabu / 楽しくおしゃべりして、飲みましょう @ 西麻布 :)

日本語は英語の後にあります。 FCD is a trendy & cool venue in the fashionable Nishi-Azabu area. In September it reopened with a really cool interior that includes an awesome facade of what New York is especially famous for 🌇 It's a really friendly venue where the ambience makes it extra easy to chat and so get to know fellow members. It has a great variety of drinks @ ¥500 to quench your thirst and a really extensive food menu with American favorites slice pizza, burgers, buffalo chicken wings, Mexican burritos and so much more. Having a bite is 100% optional. Tokyo Spontaneous has reserved about 80% of the venue for just us Meetuppers so we'll be able to socialize easily amongst ourselves :) We're going to be setting up a standing style party with a few chairs available if you prefer sitting. Breakdown of the event : FCD is a short walk from exit 2 - street level - of Roppongi Station. Exit 2 is more easily accessed from the Hibiya line than the Oedo line. 8pm - 10:15pm : Mingle, make friends, drink, eat, do as you wish :) Joining fee : Foreign ladies : ¥500 Japanese ladies : ¥500 Foreign gentlemen : ¥500 Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000. Notes : - No under 20's - the event space is non smoking. For smoker's there's a space right by the entrance. FCDはお洒落な西麻布にある、今流行りのお店です。ニューヨークにあるようなストリートアートを施した内装で、9月にリニューアルオープンしました 🌇 他の参加者とも話しやすいフレンドリーな雰囲気のお店なので、すぐに色んな参加者と仲良くなれると思います。 様々な種類のお飲み物を500円でご用意しています。また、アメリカンなハンバーガーやバッファローチキンウィング(揚げた鶏の手羽に辛味ソースをかけたもの)、メキシカンブリトーなど、おいしいお食事もたくさんご用意しています。 お食事の注文は必須ではありません。 今回、Meetupメンバーのために、このバーの約80%を予約したので、グループ内の交流を楽しめます。 立食形式のパーティーですが、イスも少しご用意しています。 [当日のスケジュール] 六本木駅 2番出口。 2番出口は大江戸線よりも日比谷線からのほうが便利です。 8pm-10:15pm: 友達を作って、飲んで、食べて、自由に楽しみましょう :) [参加費] 外国人女性: ¥500 日本人女性: ¥500 外国人男性: ¥500 日本人男性: ¥1000 ※平均的に、外国人50%、日本人50%のイベントです。 [注意事項] - 20歳以上の方が対象です。 - このイベントは禁煙です。タバコを吸う方は、お店の入口に喫煙場所があります。

🍵 Authentic Japanese tea ceremony experience for beginners in English 🍵

Puzzle Rental Space Asakusabashi (4 min from Asakusabashi Sta or 7 min walk from Akihabara Sta)

For those of you looking for an authentic Japanese tea ceremony learning experience this event is for you. Mika Fukushima is a professional and experienced tea ceremony instructor; she's held many classes in Japanese but this will be her first time in English which she's incredibly excited for :) The venue is custom made for events and has a very warm & cosy feeling; perfect for the desired ambience of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This event is for internationals wanting to learn about the intricate art of Japanese tea making and the spirituality it embodies and for Japanese who'd like to enjoy the experience in English. Breakdown of the event; 1:45pm : Meet at the venue which is an easy 4 minute walk from Asakusabashi Station or 7 minute walk from Akihabara Station (https://puzzle-scs.jp/akb/access) 1:45pm - 2:45pm : Informative yet short explanation about the deep rooted history of the ceremony, Japanese spirituality, explanation of the famous Japanese term "Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会)" which means "one time, one meeting"; it emphasises how one should cherish every opportunity to meet someone followed by a step to step making of the tea. Throughout the program the concept of "Wa (和)/harmony" will be emphasized. There'll be a 10 minute break. 2:45pm - 3:15pm : Making of tea ourselves in groups of 4 while enjoying the harmonious interaction with our new friends and traditional Japanese sweets. Joining fee : ¥2 000. Includes all the material, utensils and traditional Japanese sweets.

Toranomon Hills exclusive upmarket 5 star experience / 虎ノ門ヒルズで ゴージャスな5つ星体験 :)

日本語は英語の後にあります。 This isn't going to be your usual Meetup event; we're going massively upmarket to the fashionable & stylish Toranomon Hills Andaz Tokyo BeBu private event lounge! After extensive dealings we were eventually able to get a great deal for us Meetuppers. So for those of you that appreciate the finer things in life, occasionally love stepping into the high life or for those of you that would like to experience what it's like to wine & dine in one of Tokyo's newest & fanciest venues please join us. BeBu is sure to not disappoint with it's contemporary design rooted in natural Japanese aesthetics, impressive attention to detail & ambience that's most exquisite! Tokyo Spontaneous has organized 100% exclusive access to the whole BeBu private lounge and we have a wonderful set-up that includes ...... - Stunning venue in the heart of Tokyo - Extensive bar with all drinks @ ¥500! Wine, draft beers, cocktails & soft drinks - Food limited to their popular boutique burger (also @ ¥500) but it's such a pleasure; from it's super cute/kawaii appearance to absolutely delicious taste - Awesome tunes to match the desired ambience - Great opportunity to make friends. Breakdown of the event : 7:05pm - 7:10pm : Meetup time. Exit 1 - street level - of Toranomon Station. Look for the Meetup sign. Going directly anytime from 7:15pm is fine too. There's a second Meetup @ 7:55pm - 8pm and a third Meetup @ 8:40pm - 8:45pm also @ exit 1. 7:15pm - 10pm : Mingle, make friends, drink, eat, do as you wish :) Last food & drink order is @ 9:30pm. Joining fee : Foreign ladies : ¥1 000 Japanese ladies : ¥1 000 Foreign gentlemen : ¥1 000 Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 500. Please note : In order to provide smoother service ¥500 tickets for drinks & food will be sold at the reception desks. Who's this event for? Any friend making, upmarket, new experience, drink, food & fun loving individual. Notes : - No under 20's - Most members joining are expected to be in their 20's or 30's - Dress code : While ball gowns & tuxedos aren't expected please dress appropriately for a 5 star venue. Jeans are fine. Gentlemen; jeans are fine but no shorts, sandals or sleeveless shirts - The event space is non smoking but there's a smoking room conveniently located near our event space. いつものMeetupとは、ひと味違うイベントです。 虎ノ門ヒルズにあるおしゃれでスタイリッシュなアンダーズ東京 BeBuのプライベートラウンジへ行きましょう!長い交渉の結果、Meetupメンバーのためにとてもお得なサービスをしてもらえることになりました! ふだんの生活の中でも良いものが好きな方、少しだけ高級な体験をしてみたい方、東京の新しい素敵なお店で食べてみたい方、ぜひご一緒しましょう。 BeBuは、自然な日本の美を基調にした現代的なデザインで、細部までこだわり、品の良い雰囲気のお店なので、必ずご満足いただけると思います! Tokyo Spontaneousは、BeBuのプライベートラウンジをまるまる貸切にします。イベントの素晴らしいポイントは以下になります。- - 都心のとても素敵なお店-ワイン - 生ビール、カクテル、ソフトドリンクが全て¥500で楽しめる充実したバー -フード: メニューはプチバーガーだけになりますが、嬉しいことに、見た目がとても可愛いだけでなく、味がとても美味しいです! - すばらしい雰囲気にあった素敵な音楽 - 新しい友達をつくるチャンス。 [当日のスケジュール] 7:05pm - 7:10pm : 集合時間。虎ノ門駅 1番出口(地上階)で、Meetupサインを持ってお待ちしています。 7:15pm以降、お店に直接いらっても構いません。 駅での2回目の集合時間は7:55pmから8:00pm頃、3回目の集合時間は8:40pmから8:45pm頃を予定しています。 7:15pm-10pm: 友達を作って、飲んで、食べて、自由に楽しみましょう:) フードとドリンクのラストオーダーは9:30pmです。 [参加費] 外国人女性 : ¥1000 日本人女性 : ¥1000 外国人男性 : ¥1000 日本人男性 : ¥1500。 バーエリアで円滑にサービスを提供したいため、入口にてファーストドリンク代¥500 をいただきます事をご了承ください。 ※平均的に、外国人40%、日本人60%のイベントです。 新しい友達を作りたい方、良いものがお好きな方、新しい体験がしたい方、飲んだり、食べたりを楽しみたい方にオススメです。 [注意事項] - 20歳以上の方が対象です。 - 参加者の多くは、20代〜30代の方になります。 - ドレスコード: フォーマルなドレスやタキシードでくる必要はありませんが、5つ星に相応しい服装でお越しください。ジーンズはOKです。 男性の方へ; ジーンズは結構ですが、短パン、サンダル、袖なしシャツはお断りします。 - このイベントスペースは禁煙です。タバコを吸う方には、イベントスペースの近くに禁煙スペースがあります。

Fun chat & drinks (Ladies ¥600 飲み放題/Unlimited drinks) @ a cool bar in Ginza :)

日本語は英語の後にあります。 Ginza Standing Bar 333 is a popular drinking spot in Ginza with it's main attractions being the stylish interior, DJ music & great deal on drinks & food and we've reserved half the bar for only us Meetuppers! Recently these types of bars in Tokyo have become popular for tourists; especially because of their unique approach, super genki/lively vibe and the fact that they're REALLY cheap doesn't hurt :) The atmosphere will be really friendly so easy to speak to fellow members & have a great time! Cool DJ music at a low volume that makes it easy to enjoy the cool tunes while chatting to new & old friends :) Great variety of drinks! More than 50 to choose from including wine, beer, gin & tonic, high ball, oolong hai, soft drinks and so many more :) Ladies : Unlimited drinks the whole event @ a super amazingly cheap ¥600! :) 🤩👏 Gentleman : 3 tickets @ a really reasonable ¥999 (¥333 per drink) to be paid on entry :) Breakdown of the event : It's a short walk from exit C2 of Ginza Station. 7:30pm - 10pm : Mingle, make friends, eat, drink, do as you wish :) Joining fee : Foreign ladies : ¥500 Japanese ladies : ¥500 Foreign gentlemen : ¥500 Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000. Notes : - No under 20's - Our section will be non smoking. For smokers there's another section. Ginza Standing Bar 333 (ギンザ スタンディング バー トリプルスリー)は、オシャレなインテリアでクラブミュージックが流れ、美味しいフードとドリンクのあるお店です。 今回はMeetupメンバーのためにお店の半分を貸切ににします。 フレンドリーな雰囲気のイベントなので、おしゃべりしやすく、すぐに友達ができると思います。 DJによるかっこいい音楽が流れます。22:00までは音量が小さいので問題なく会話できます。 人気のあるアルコール類やソフトドリンクのメニューとフードの種類はとても豊富です。全メニューはこちらからどうぞ。 女性は¥600で気が済むまで飲み放題!!!🤩👏 男性は¥999でチケット3枚(ドリンク/フード共通)です。チケットは入口にて購入できます:) [当日のスケジュール] 銀座駅 C2番出口。 7:30pm-10pm: 新しい友達を作ったり、食べたり、飲んだり、自由にお楽しみください。 [参加費] 外国人女性:¥500 日本人女性:¥500 外国人男性:¥500 日本人男性:¥1000。 ※このイベントは、平均的に、外国人が50%、日本人が50%のイベントです。 [注意事項] - 20才以上の方が対象です - このイベントは禁煙です - タバコを吸う方には別の場所があります。

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English only drinks @ a cozy Azabu-Juban bar & café :)

Blu Jam Café Azabu-Juban

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