Learn to use Social media to improve one’s image and confidence, with makeup and video tutorials from professionals!

Would you like to improve the beauty your instagram and other social media content?

Would you like to learn better ways of self-expression online?

Everyone around the world enjoys taking photos of themselves and sharing them to social media. People, however, don’t always want to follow the current trends and fashion, but don’t have the confidence or methods to make their own trends. Let’s learn the tools to set oneself on the way to openness and confidence!

We understand fully what you’re thinking. We’re going to discuss what you want to appear as online, then have professional makeup coaching, and then, with a professional videographer, make a 20 or 30 second video together!! We will guide and coach you through everything and practice together before the actual filming.

■ Overview

1: Instruction on coloring and techniques of social media content creation.

2: Instruction and coaching on what and how to shoot, as well as instruction on subject and backgrounds

3: Coaching on facial and body expressions

4: How to differentiate your photography and videography from everyday people.

5: How to differentiate the themes and patterns of your poses and content.

6: Question and Answer, discussion about YouTube, social media, or video production and makeup

♫ Recommended for: ♫

· Persons interested in videos and youtube, but do not know about YouTube or videography

· Persons seeking something not to be swayed by trends

· Those who want to understand their face and expressions themselves

· Those who want to improve the quality of their posted content on social media

■ Lecturer: Zach Kuhn, Videographer, Phoenix Films

Zach is a professional video editor, with experience in television and online media. He also has a YouTube channel with more than 1,800 subscribers and has more than 200 online content creators who are participating in large events several times a year, based in Tokyo based YouTube creators It is a member of the community. He also operates a video production company in Tokyo.

■ Lecturer: Nobue Doi Makeup Artist, Consultant

From Kyoto, and spent one month with Aborigines in Australia when she was a college student, participating in a sacred festival with body paint, learning the connection of earth, body, and mind through makeup.

Working for five years in a 300 year old Kyoto business, two years studying in the UK, and moved to France in Paris 2014. Activate artists with fashion and memos. In July 2015, graduating from the Parisian makeup school Ecole Technique de Maquillage Artistique Christian Chauveau. After returning to Japan, she worked for 2 years in the studio in Kyoto, Tokyo. November 2017 Establish a makeup studio DOI ART at Ginza, with the goal of combining mind and body through makeup. She offers one-on-one makeup sessions and cosmetic sales.

■ What we will provide:

Makeup artist Nobue Doi will teach you how beauty and health is important in life, and directly connected with daily behavior. She will demonstrate how the makeup works with your body. She will also teach you about the importance of a sound mind and body through dialogue and discussion, along with ideas for self-expression through video.

Afterwards, videographer Zach Kuhn will shoot according to your chosen self-expression method. They will guide you through the poses and the expressions to make, and the video will be quickly made available for publish on your own social media accounts.

Co-organizer: DOI ART and Phoenix Film Productions

Participation fee: 5,000 yen per person

**Please bring your own Smartphone!***

Optional Add-ons: Filming with Zach’s professional camera! A professionally shot and edited video will be shared to the client via Google Drive, + 3000¥ (need google drive account)

Basic Makeup; professionally done by Nobue Doi, +1000¥

Any questions, please post in the discussion section of the event page.

撮影メイクをして ,ビデオに貴方を映しSNS やYoutubeに載せてみよう ( English below )




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・動画や youtubeに興味があるけど何をしていいか分からない

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