Group programming session ● グループプログラミングセッション - Tokyo Clojure Meetup - Tokyo Clojure Meetup


Shibuya 2-2-16 1F · 東京都


The Tacchi Studios' office is only 11 minutes from Shibuya station by foot:



As discussed during the first meetup, we will keep the gatherings on a regular monthly basis: the first Monday of the month, at 7pm. (If the first Monday is a national holiday, we will meet the week after.)

We agreed to do a pair/group programming session this time. We already mentioned a couple of good candidates to work on. Please post and discuss them (and the related links) in the comments of this meetup (below) so that we can prepare for it!


• 7:00pm - Doors open. (Please don't arrive before 7pm!)

• 7:30pm - Open discussion about which project to tackle and the goal of the session. Please bring you own propositions and/or post them in the discussion of this meetup below.

• 8:00pm - Start of the group/pair programming session.

• 10:00pm - End of the group/pair programming session. Wrap up and `git push` 😎

• 10:30pm - Venue closes

Please remember to bring your own computer and verify that you have both `git` and Clojure installed (see e.g. ( and running on your machine!

You are welcome to bring as well your own drink and snacks, since we will not organise it.

Looking forward to meeting you again soon!




• 7:00pm - 開場。(午後7時前に到着しないようにしてください!)

• 7:30pm - どのプロジェクトに取り組むのか、このセッションでのゴールについてディスカッション開始。自分の案を用意しておくand/or下記のこのミートアップのディスカッションに投稿してください。

• 8:00pm - グループ/ペアプログラミングセッション開始。

• 10:00pm - グループ/ペアプログラミングセッション終了。作業を終えて `git push` しましょう 😎

• 10:30pm -終了

自分のPCを用意して、 `git` とClojure(例えば ( 参照)がどちらもインストールされていてマシンで動作することを確認しておいてください!



(Kentさん、日本語訳ありがとう! 🙇)