How to start it over? / 失敗から学ぶ新しいスタート!






参加費無料のイベントです 英語と日本語の講演となりますが、ツイッター通訳がつきます。 Sponsor: Kyoto City /ASTEM- Free entrance (no participation fee - RSVP) This event will be hybrid (English and Japanese translation via twitter)

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【How to start it over? / 失敗から学ぶ新しいスタート!】




Challenging a new project always comes with failings. How to learn from your "failure" experience and develop this experience to success? We have an opportunity to learn from startups which had experienced positive effects of " failing " stories. RSVP!

You will have an opportunity to talk with speakers directly during a networking session till 10 PM!


イベントスケジュール Event Agenda

18:30 受付開始/Door Opens

19:00-19:10 イントロ Intro by Makers Boot Camp (

19:10-19:20 1st Speaker MakerTour

19:20-19:30 1st Startup みまもーら

19:30 - 19:40 2nd Startup Nature Japan

19:40-19:45 休憩Break

19:55- 20:55 Panel Discussion

Topic: How to fail successfully?

[Part one]

Panelists: Torsten FischerInnovation Consultant, KVART Inc.

Facilitator: Sabrina Sasaki | Marketing | MBC

[Part two]

Panelists: Yoshiyuki Kawai | Mimamora

Haruumi Shiode | Nature Japn

Facilitator: Makino Narimasa | Founder & CEO | MBC

20:55-21:00 挨拶 | Closing

21:00-22:00 交流会 | Networking (自由参加/ Optional)


Lucas Graffan | Videographer | MakerTour

Maker enthusiast, I used to spend my free time in makerspaces as a hobbyist. I participated in many hackathons dedicated to IOT and co-founded a french based start-up helping companies to prototype and test new ideas using the power of makerspaces and maker spirit. I volunteered for MakerTour in 2016 to help building connections and collaborations between labs.

Marie Levrault | Videographer | MakerTour

Working as a consultant to help companies innovating differently, I also developed a French community (YESS) to promote social entrepreneurship and collaborative economy. Passionnate about new educational models and social innovation, I joined MakerTour to explore, share and connect 50 labs and 100 projects in Asia.

Topic of the talk: Empower the impact of makerspaces: overview of MakerTour Asia exploration
Today, the maker movement is growing and the number of makerspaces is doubled each year. This talk will present the key highlights of the 30 makerspaces we will have documented in Asia from Iran to China and the key challenges and opportunities for the future.


河合斎行 | CEO | みまもーら

昭和49年 愛知県出身愛知大学経済学部卒業。少年期よりF1パイロットに憧れ、大学卒業後、渡英し何人ものF1チャンピオンを排出している名門ジムラッセル・レーシングスクールへ。帰国後、トヨタ系物流企業を経て、自身の体験を基に株式会社みまもーらを創業。

塩出 晴海 | Founder 兼 CEO | Nature Japan

2006年北海道大学電子工学科を卒業。在学中、ウィスコンシン大学マディソン校で1年間の交換留学(Computer Science専攻)やインドのITベンチャーでインターンを経験。2008年にスウェーデン王立工科大学にてComputer Scienceの修士課程を修了、その後3ヶ月間洋上で生活。2008年から2014年迄の6年間、三井物産で米ITベンチャーの投資管理から東南アジア(インドネシア、タイ、マレーシア)の電力事業開発までを経験。2016年5月ハーバード大学MBA課程を修了。


Makino Narimasa | CEO | Makers Boot Camp

Mr. Narimasa Makino serves as Co-Founder & Chief Executive Director at Darma Tech Labs Inc. He started Makers Boot Camp, an acceleration program for hardware startups. Mr. Makino joined SunBridge Global Ventures Inc. as a business incubation manager of GVH Osaka and as a member of Sunbridge Startups LLP. He worked as an incubation manager at ASTEM in Kyoto to support business planning of entrepreneurs from 2009 - 2011. Mr. Makino started to work for Future Venture Capital since 2005, where he gained experience in private equity.He held a MBA degree from Kobe University.