International Cultural Exchange (Nov 24)
日本語は下です **EVERYONE is WELCOME including travelers, expats, locals, and all others.** Hello everyone! Meeting and communicating with local people is the best way to see, feel, and experience the real local life. Be invited to our free and friendly meetup night! (Do your sightseeing in the daytime. ) Purpose The purpose of this meetup is a CASUAL cultural exchange in a friendly atmosphere. Come meet new people, practice new languages, and receive a warm SMILE. ******************************* MEETING TIME Come directly at 7:30PM. (or come anytime if you will be late) ************************************ DIRECTION Our location is much CLOSER than it looks! --It's only 11 min from Akihabara, 30 min from Shinjuku, no transfer! And we are only half a minute away from the station! Come to JR Sobu Line "Hirai Staion" (Yellow Line) At Hirai Station, come out of the North Exit. Look around. Find the Orange sign of the famous franchise restaurant, Yoshinoya (吉野家) LukaMari is located on the 4th Floor above Yoshinoya restaurant. ******************************* About LukaMari Our friend Shishir is offering his place, "LukaMari Dining & Bar" so you pay NO CHARGE! LukaMari ONLY asks you to order one drink. (350Yen-). You don't need to pay for any more than a drink if you're on a tight budget. ****************************** Details and suggested activities The event will basically be a relaxed and casual cultural exchange. Everyone is very friendly so you can freely move around and greet to anyone you please. As the organizer I will try my best to make sure everyone is not isolated or lonely. At the same time I ask each one of you to try joining people and welcoming people around you. -When you arrive, start with greeting the organizer and the friendly staff. ************************************** -Found someone interesting? Feel free to use the table area for more interesting conversations. Some Rakugaki (drawing) activities this way you can learn our letters... Ask someone to have your name written in special KANJI characters....cool. Maybe You can learn ORIGAMI art: It is YOUR CHANCE to let us know about YOU & YOUR CULTURE. 1. If you want to introduce your country's drink --- Bring them for cheeeeers:). Something disgusting?? We locals appreciate new experience:) 2. If you have some skills to demonstrate... Dance? cooking? music?, art? --- Show us your skills! You don't have to be professional:) 3. If you want to bring a small souvenir (postcard, decoration, something on the walls, etc) please do so! --- Let's bring the world to LukaMari! 4. Carrying your ethnic costume? We are so happy to see them! or If you have bought Japanese Kimono as a souvenir, it's your time to show off. 5. If you feel you are a totally ordinary person and have nothing to show or share --- Find out how SPECIAL you are with us, for just joining us and being yourself! Just bring your smile:) ********************************* Hope to see you soon, and hopefully we stay friends! JOIN to see our Previous on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/465990523584200/601084286741489/?notif_t=like¬if_id=1478960175685444 ) **************************************** 日本語(Japanese Section) 場所のサイズと雰囲気がちょうどよく、全員が仲良くなれるアットホームなラウンジとなっています。また、英語に自信のない方、シャイな方は、スタッフに声をかけてください。一緒に話せる手伝いはできます。ただし、やはり大事なのは一人ひとりの楽しもうという気持ちだと思います。 純粋に人に会い、楽しむために来ていただきたいので、それ以外の目的の方の参加はお断りさせてください。(具体的には、ネットワーク・マルチ・勧誘など) 集合(&スケジュール) 7:30PM-8:00の間で、直接会場においでください。総武線平井駅北口・吉野家のあるビル4F 終了はそれぞれのタイミングで。終電までやっております。 LukaMariWorldミートアップのフェースブックページです。参加してください。 https://www.facebook.com/groups/465990523584200/?ref=bookmarks ●イベントの写真がみれます。

LukaMari Dining & Bar

Edogawa-ku Hirai 5-15-7 · 東京都

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    Hello, I am Taka, the organizer of this group.

    I always loved international atmosphere and helping people, so that is why we have decided to create a group of our own.

    What Luniva World is all about

    LukaMari is a Nepalese word meaning "hide and seek". It is also part of my friend's restaurant's name, "Dining and Bar LukaMari (https://www.facebook.com/lukamariworld/)".

    LukaMari WORLD is a phrase we created with the great desire to bring the fun international atmosphere among us.

    What we do

    At LukaMari, we want to create various kinds of meetups. Each event will be planed with a certain theme---for example Japanese drinks, cooking, Spanish lessons, English conversation lessons, themed parties, coffee nights, Shisha relaxing time, Instrument session, etc etc.

    The main idea is a casual Cultural and Language exchange. Travelers to Japan are especially welcome. Please use us as a chance to meet the Local people.

    Please join our Meetup page to check out the upcoming events: http://www.meetup.com/ja…/Luniva-world-international-meetup/ (http://www.meetup.com/ja-JP/Luniva-world-international-meetup/)










    イベントに参加する場合にはLUNIVA WORLDのMeetupページに参加してください: http://www.meetup.com/ja…/Luniva-world-international-meetup/ (http://www.meetup.com/ja-JP/Luniva-world-international-meetup/)



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