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Let's have a team!

We will meet at 9:00. Text me when you get there 941-915-6234. Pre-register online if you have not already done so...or get there at 8:00 to wait in line.

Event Date:

Saturday October 5th, 2013 10AM at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. The Bubble Palooza is the combination of a Spanish Tomato Toss, Big Bird’s Bath Tub and a box of Lucky Charms! The Palooza is a three mile course where an intense cornucopia of colorful bubbles will rain down on you and your friends. Whether you walk, run, cartwheel or bunny hop through the epic walls of bubbles, you will end up looking like you got in a fight with a rainbow…and lost!

At the end of your journey, prepare to be transformed into a work of art at a music rock’in bubblebash as you get lost in an enormous sea of colorful bubbles at the Bubble Palooza Countdown.

Our team is "Team Bubblicious"

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