• JAMstack Seattle at Textio!


    We're excited to host the second gathering of Seattle's JAMStack meetup! Join us to learn about static site generators, cloud functions, and headless content management, while suffering through many jam-related puns. Textio has generously offered their swanky office space! See https://textio.com/location for more information. This meetup is all about working with images: LaQuita Gollman will talk about using Cloudinary to serve accessible images on the web, while Chris Griffing will introduce us to the gatsby-image plugin! Sponsors: Venue: Textio Food + swag: GatsbyJS

  • JAMstack Seattle - May!


    We're excited to host to the first gathering of JAMstack Meetup in Seattle! During this event, we'll introduce the group, discuss what we'd like it to become (with your input!) and hear some cool ideas from our guest speakers Tessa and Scott. This event is appropriate for everyone that's interested in building static websites, regardless of experience level! Schedule: 6:30 pm: networking 6:40 pm: introduction by Flor & Maxime 6:45 pm: presentations! > "Getting going with Gatsby" by Scott McAllister > "Finding the jelly in the JAMstack" by Tessa Mero 7:45 pm: wrap-up Location: Globant (2nd floor) 413 Pine St Suite 200 Seattle, WA, 98101 Talk details: Scott McAllister from PagerDuty will talk about "Getting going with Gatsby": "Gatsby is a React-based framework and static site generator that is taking the Internet by storm! It powers thousands of sites as popular as ReactJS and Nike - Just Do it, as well countless others. And why not? Gatsby provides a platform for building blazing fast web sites that have tools for SEO, Accessibility and Progressive Web Apps built in! In this talk you’ll learn about what makes Gatsby unique, how to start a Gatsby site from scratch, and how to use the tools necessary for building and deploying your own Gatsby sites." Then, Tessa Mero from Cloudinary will present “Finding the Jelly in the JAMStack”: "With JAMStack being a major trend in web development lately, it is becoming more commonly adopted, and an alternative to LAMP and MEAN stack. With the ability to create better performing websites that can scale, I will go over several business use cases on how JAMStack made them more successful and will go over what technologies they used to accomplish this. Let’s find all the good jelly that the JAMStack has to offer!" Please make sure to take a look at our code of conduct: https://jamstack.org/diversity/