Calgary Japanese Festival “Omatsuri”


General Admission: $7.00

I thought of a place that we could meet. There is always a beer garden or a sake booth. There was one last year. So go to the beer garden at 10:30am. It is important to be at the beer garden at 10:30am. because I know from past experience that if we do not meet at a specific time and place, it is almost impossible to find each other in a big festival like this.

Note that you can see last year's sake pen in the event photo. It's the wire fence in the background.

I will be there from 10:00am- 1:30pm, and I will be wearing pink and orange to make myself easier to find. My cell phone number is[masked]. In a noisy environment it is better to text me than to call me. If you reply "Yes" please be at the beer garden at 10:30am.

This is an all-day event, from 10:00am- 5:00pm, so please feel free to arrive at any time and spend as much time as you want. However, If you do not intend to be at the beer garden at 10:30am, please do not reply "Yes".

Visitors to the festival will be treated to authentic Japanese customs, presentations of traditional music, dance and song, martial arts demonstrations, and more!

There will be games and bouncy houses for the kids, galleries of local Japanese arts and crafts as well as several food kiosks featuring traditional Japanese cuisine. Don’t miss out on the fabulous sake tasting as well as the beer gardens!

Come out to support the members of the Japanese Canadian Community as we celebrate our heritage, culture and traditions.