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The Unitarian Church of Calgary

1703 - 1st. Street NW · Calgary, AB

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It is important that we reply EARLY and ACCURATELY for this event. Please reply by January 21st, or even earlier if you can.

This is a joint meeting with my church's cooking group. We will be cooking Japanese food.

I realise that 4:30pm is very early, and we don't all need to come at 4:30pm, but a lot of the fun of this event is participating in the cooking, so please come before 6:00pm, so that you can participate at least a small amount in the cooking.

Also, I am guessing that if you are unable to participate very much in the cooking, you will probably feel a compulsion to help more with the cleanup to compensate for it.

I can use help with the cleanup because as the organiser of the cooking group, I have committed to seeing that the kitchen is clean when we're done, and this usually makes me late for choir practise.

There is a charge for the cost of ingredients. Depending on the cost of ingredients, this can range from $2 to $8. Ingredients for Japanese food are expensive, so I suspect it will be on the upper range of that, but remember that this is a complete meal, lovingly prepared by hand.

Every year when I do this cooking meeting, one or two people call me or e-mail me ON THE DAY OF THE COOKING MEETING and say, "I really want to attend the cooking meeting. Can I still come?"

Since it's the difference of of one or two portions, I usually say yes, but please remember that this is neither very considerate, nor very respectful.

To show respect and consideration for the people who have to go shopping for ingredients, please RSVP EARLY and ACCURATELY. To give us the best chance to buy the right amount of ingredients. Please reply by January 21st.

If you reply "YES" please remember that we will buy ingredients and cook a meal for you, so you want to be sure to show up, right? I show up at every meeting even in blizzards
or -30C weather. Whatever Kichiji can do, you can do, too, right?

You also don't want to be that person that replies at the last minute. I might tolerate it, but I'll be annoyed. I might have to make you wear a dunce cap or something.

If you also want to participate in the planning of the meal, the planning meeting will be one week earlier, on Thursday, January 17th, from 6:45pm to 7:30pm, in the same location.

I repeat, it is important that we reply EARLY and ACCURATELY for this event. Please reply by January 21st, or even earlier if you can.