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Namake Neko's Japanese Study Group

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Namake Neko's Study Group (Benkyou Kai)

いっしょに 日本語を べんきょうしましょう。
Let's study Japanese together.
* Tell Us Something in Japanese! Mike had a great idea last time. Everyone can tell a little story in Japanese. Nothing big (unless you want)--just what you did last weekend, your favorite pastime (hobby), something interesting that happened today, some event you're anticipating, etc.
* Japanese Graded Reader, Level ?, Volume ? - A couple more stories. These are the books Clay Boutwell recommends on his web store They're kind of expensive, so if you want to give them a try for free, this is your chance! I'll be starting with a story at the lowest level, so it will be suitable for beginners with hiragana recognition ability.
The Usual Disclaimer (LOL):
This is not intended to be a class, but rather a supplement to your other studies! I don't speak Japanese, so I'll be relying heavily on material shared by real teachers and recordings of native speakers. Most of the material will be stuff you could find on the Internet yourself--I'm just bringing it all together for you and hopefully providing a little nudge to keep you (and myself) studying.
There is NO CHARGE for the study group.
"Doumo arigatou gozaimasu" to Fernando Lopez III for making Namake Neko-chan look so cute and professional--even with a snot balloon!
You can check out some information from our previous study group sessions at .
Namake Neko = Lazy Cat
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