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Round 25: Japanese Language Exchange & Study Support Group

This Meetup is past

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Ok Sho is gone and I'm back! Wahahaha~

To friends who have joined us before | 参加していただいた方々:

Everything will be as per usual, including discounts and stuff (right Leslie?) and Leslie might be planning some activities so keep a look-out for more details here (right Leslie?) *arrow x 2*


To new friends who are thinking of joining us | 参加しようと思っている初めての方々:

This is a gathering for people who are interested in the Japanese Language. You should preferably be learning it or have a strong intention of doing so in the near future. There will be "seniors" here who can guide you in your learning or offer you advice. Not only a cultural exchange between many nationalities, this is first and foremost a LANGUAGE exchange group, so be prepared to speak some words of Japanese and hear lots of it. Fluent speakers should also seize the opportunity to practise using Japanese as much as you can.

Between 3~6pm, we will be in the cafe so just pop right in as and when. We will usually have dinner and some drinks after so you may join us if you're free.




では、土曜日を楽しみにしています~ (^o^)/


Owner of the cafe is kind enough to give Japanese meetup:

- 40% DISCOUNT on Set meal, coffee

- 25% DISCOUNT on side dishes
- 10% DISCOUNT on Sumptuous Desserts

- There will be NO service charge